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About Puppy Playpen

We all love for our pets to have free roam of the house and yard, but when that's not possible it's best to put them in a play pen. Crazy Sales has a range of kennels for creatures great and small!

We all have friends or family who may not be as are not quite as comfortable with our furry friends and would prefer they be contained. At the same time our pet loves to be a part of the action! Our low cost portable indoor and outdoor play pens make it easy for your pet dog or cat to play, view and enjoy the festivities. The durability of our portable play pens makes it easy to take your beloved pet along for family trips to the beach or long term stays elsewhere. Crates are not always a favorite but are sometimes necessity sick pets, pets not yet potty trained or other reasons you may need a crate.

Crazy Sales provides the pest quality crates to ensure your pet won't get scratched or poked during his or her stay! Every pet deserves a place to hang out in comfort! Find that happy place for your pet at Crazy Sales!