We all love for our pets to have free roam of the house and yard, but when that's not possible it's best to put them in a play pen. Crazy Sales has a range of kennels for creatures great and small!

We all have friends or family who may not be as are not quite as comfortable with our furry friends and would prefer they be contained. At the same time our pet loves to be a part of the action! Our low cost portable indoor and outdoor play pens make it easy for your pet dog or cat to play, view and enjoy the festivities. The durability of our portable play pens makes it easy to take your beloved pet along for family trips to the beach or long term stays elsewhere. Crates are not always a favorite but are sometimes necessity sick pets, pets not yet potty trained or other reasons you may need a crate.

Crazy Sales provides the pest quality crates to ensure your pet won't get scratched or poked during his or her stay! Every pet deserves a place to hang out in comfort! Find that happy place for your pet at Crazy Sales!

Puppy Playpen Reviews

5 out of 5 from 1426 reviews
Fits 3 adult cats comfortably and a kitty litter tray.

The main picture in the ad shows a tent with a floor attached to the sides but this tent has a detached circular floor that is held with a few velcro squares. I039ve put the tent on my verandah and the cats can easily lift and escape out under the side of the tent. I put a thick blanket to hide the floor and it worked. Also the velcro doesn039t match up and leaves creases and folds in the base. But the thick blanket covered it fine. I imagine the detached floor allows for the tent to be put on the grass and the animals can sit on the grass. My concern is that the cat can get their nose under the side and lift up if they desired to get out. The tent has 4 tent pegs to hold it down. IF the pegs are really tightly done possibly the cat can039t escape under the side but I won039t risk it.Apart from the floor being detached this is a great buy. The quality is good and it does what I wanted which is it allows the cats to be outside and feel the air and sunlight yet have some shelter and they are contained and happy. I am quite happy with the price for the quality. I have 4 adult cats One of them hated it and tried to tear the netting. But it held fine and I removed her. I bought it for my two male cats that wonder. But my other female loved it and wouldn039t get out of it. One of my males was quite curious and relaxed the other male cried to get out but he soon settled down. Two hours later I just checked on them and the 3 in there all love it. They have their beds in there. The male who had cried initially was sprawled in the sun sleeping and didn039t want to come out at all. I am really happy about this. He finds is cozy and comfortable.I wouldn039t leave them in it outside and then leave the house. If something spooks them it would be traumatic they would feel trapped and vulnerable. A dog could easily get them through the net. The tent is quite light and flexible which is great for handling.


Very happy with this. Easy to set up and stays up. Looks good amp is of a generous size. Great idea for many pet uses.My cat breeder told me he039d like to use one for his kittens. I use mine for my indoor adult chihuahua dog for his bedtime eating amp for better control of him like when he doesn039t want to go to toilet after eating amp used to run off to hide under my bed Sometimes he annoys my indoor cats as he likes to boss them or play with them occasionally amp when cats sound annoyed I place him for a short period in this tent with satisfaction of knowing he has plenty of space amp air movement amp a water bowl. If I go out amp no one is home I am happy to place the little dog here where there039s plenty of space for him to use a toilet though not really required for us food water bed amp walking around. Removable mesh cover is handy so is mesh door that is able to be zip closed or rolled up amp secured with velcro.


The playpen exceeded my expectations. It is sturdy easy to set up and just as easy to put back in the bag The rubber flooring is non slip and can be removed to sit over grass. Very quick delivery. Great company to do business with.


great qualitygreat pricesuper fast deliveryvery happy

Great product

I think this is a very well made and useful playpen. I used mine for the first time at a show as I did not have any other crate available. I was a bit leary but my 25.5kg Cattle Dog stayed in it all day and we had no problems until we went to fold it up. The directions for folding up were not really clear to any of the 3 folks helping. I went online today to watch an Utube of folding one up. Now I have marked the order in pen on each angle for future reference.Otherwise I would suggest paying attention to the folding BEFORE you allow it to pop open I also think the smaller sizes would be much easier to fold up. My only problem is that the floor does not fit correctly....the velcro spots do not meet up so I may have to put my own on. I woud not use this type of containment for a dog who is not crate trained first and comfortable in confinement.

Fantastic Item for the dog lover

Fantastic item for the dog lover can keep dogs happy but confined for trials and shows so they are not cooped up in a crate. I039m very impressed with the speediness of the whole purchase paid for sent and recieved all within two days Thank you.

Fantastic Item - Definitely Worth It

When I saw this item on the website it was exactly what I was looking for. Purchased it on a Tuesday and to my surprise it arrived Friday the same week. Super fast delivery which was brilliant. The pen for the quotsmallquot size is a nice big size. Being able to close the top over to stop little kittens making an escape is perfect I will definitely be recommending it to everyone

Fantastic for Guinea pigs

Fast shipping and a great product easy to put up has a mesh cover for the top to protect small pets.The only thing that could have been better a higher hole for the drink bottle and a couple more tabp for tent pegs.Otherwise great value for money.

Eight Panel Portable Pet Kennel

This product is fantastic. I bought this as my little pomeranian had to have knee surgery amp needs to be kept relalively quiet for the next few weeks. This product does the job he cant jump amp as its made in a fabric is soft so he cant do any damage to himself. Very happy with it. Thank you crazy sales

Very handy for kitten foster carers

I work for an animal welfare organisation and when the warmer months hit we are inundated with kittens needing homes. Not all of them are ready to go up for adoption straight away and by lending our foster carers these tents we give them somewhere safe amp secure to house their kittens when nobody is home. They are lightweight which makes them easily transportable amp they are easy to clean which is extremely important for us.

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