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About Quilts & Comforters

Stay soft and warm with a quality quilt or comforter at CrazySales! Our quilts come in a range of thickness ratings and fillings so you can choose the perfect one for you. Many people will use two or three different quilts during the year, depending on the season and temperatures in the bedroom. Whether you want to stay cool in bed in summer or keep warm in winter, you’ll find your dream comforter here to offer you a good night’s sleep. We have easy-care man-made quilts filled with polyester and lyocell that can be machine washed, a real saving of your time. It’s also an awesome option for people with dust mite allergies. Natural quilts filled with cotton, down feather or wool are also included here to provide you extra warm and comfortable. The cotton fabric, the wool and the fluffy down/feather filling breathe and absorb moisture so that you can enjoy a pleasant temperature all night.

There is a trick to make bed textiles look luxurious: using a quilt one size up from your mattress size. For example, dress your queen bed in king’s clothing. By upsizing your bed, it allows the extra width to flow over the sides and reach for the floor, creating a sense of luxury. Our quilts come in single, double, queen and king sizes. Different people may have different needs of a comforters’ thickness and warmth. Read our detailed product description to decide which width, length and thickness you prefer. If you and your partner prefer different sleeping conditions, you could consider having two separate quilts rather than one large one, because that way will enable one of you to feel warm and comfy, while the other keeps cool! Remember to wash your quilt or expose it to the sun once in a while. It’s important to wash away the sweat or germs from your quilt. Make sure you have checked the laundry instructions on your quilt to confirm whether it’s washable or only dry-cleaning.

No matter you want a comforter sets queen, a duvet cover, kids comforters, single quilt, double quilt, queen quilt or king quilt, you can have a look at CrazySales. We’re guarantee to provide you best quality at affordable prices. Create a perfect cosy bed and enjoy a great night’s sleep now!