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About Rabbit, Guinea Pig & Hamster Supplies

Create a comfortable home for your small pet and keep them safe and happy! There are plenty of quality guinea pig cages, rabbit hutches and hamster cages for sale here at competitive prices. However, you need to find out which one is perfect for your furry little pets first. There are some rules of housing them.

Indoor Guinea Pig Cage, Rabbit Hutch and Other Small Animal Cages

Guinea pigs, rabbits and other small animals love to live in groups. Therefore, the most important consideration when choosing an indoor small animal cage is space! Have a look at our Guinea Pig Cage and Rabbit Hutch. Featuring 2- floors of luxury with 2 sets of doors that open at the front, our sturdy small animal cage has a built-in ramp for your pet to go up and downstairs with ease. What’s more, the independent rooms allow you to keep 1 or 2 small animals without worry of fighting. With an asphalt-style flat roof that opens for easy cleaning, it’s perfect for holding indoors!

Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutches, Rabbit Hutch for Sale

Small furry animals love the great outdoors and enjoy natural scenery. However, they ‘re vulnerable and need to be protected well. In order to keep them safe outdoors, you must find a sturdy, weather-resistant model. With a firewood construction, our spacious pet cage has a built-in run which allows your lovely little pet to graze and run on the field. The two levels are linked with a robust and foldable ramp access which allows your pet to climb on whenever it feels like a nap! A guinea pig hutch with a wooden frame, asphalt roof and integrated run is ideal for outdoors, as it provides shelter and plenty of play space for your pigs or rabbits.

Both guinea pig cages and rabbit hutches should have plenty of hiding spaces and toys as they love to play in variety. Check out our superb range of guinea pig hutches, hamster cages and rabbit hutches for sale and get the perfect models to keep your pets happy for life.