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About Robot Vacuum Cleaner

CrazySales has stocked a large selection of robot vacuum cleaners for those who always want someone else to do cleaning. Robot vacuums are programmed to clean floor automatically when you turn it on and set a program or certained cleaning time, which save much physical effort compared to handheld vacuum cleaners and other bagless vacuum cleaners. Our robot vacuum cleaners have other remarkable functions including automatic recharge, sensors for walls and edges, anti-fall sensor and so on. These functions can relieve you from worries of collision problems.

Robot vacuum cleaner is functional for cleaning the floor mainly, mopping the floor and sucking dust. There is a UV sterilization equipment in robot vacuums so that cleaning and sterilizing can be conducted at the same time. Filtering is a new function for most of the robot vacuum cleaners, which can filter dust in the air by HEPA filtering nest in the filtering box. Voice prompt function has been applied widely in robot vacuum cleaner, which brings too much convenience during the robot vacuum cleaner using. Voice prompt function can tell people what kind of fault happened, so that people can find the problem easily.

We provide you a wide range of high quality and cheap vacuum cleaners for your better choosing and buying. The most popular one is our 7-in-1 robot cordless vacuum cleaner, featuring many humane designs for better operation: anti-fall and anti-collision protection, adjustable cleaning speed and time, remote control and so on. Compared to other robot vacuums, it can clean stubborn stains on the floor with the "wet mode" on. The "wet mode" enables the robot to clean the stains by spraying some water on the clean cloth, which can wipe the stain more thoroughly.

Buying a robot vacuum is a much economical investment than hiring a cleaning lady. And you can let it clean anytime you want. If you place order right now, you can get a big discount. Just come on, a big surprise is waiting for you!