CrazySales has stocked a large selection of robot vacuum cleaners for those who always want someone else to do cleaning. Robot vacuums are programmed to clean floor automatically when you turn it on and set a program or certained cleaning time, which save much physical effort compared to handheld vacuum cleaners and other bagless vacuum cleaners. Our robot vacuum cleaners have other remarkable functions including automatic recharge, sensors for walls and edges, anti-fall sensor and so on. These functions can relieve you from worries of collision problems.

Robot vacuum cleaner is functional for cleaning the floor mainly, mopping the floor and sucking dust. There is a UV sterilization equipment in robot vacuums so that cleaning and sterilizing can be conducted at the same time. Filtering is a new function for most of the robot vacuum cleaners, which can filter dust in the air by HEPA filtering nest in the filtering box. Voice prompt function has been applied widely in robot vacuum cleaner, which brings too much convenience during the robot vacuum cleaner using. Voice prompt function can tell people what kind of fault happened, so that people can find the problem easily.

We provide you a wide range of high quality and cheap vacuum cleaners for your better choosing and buying. The most popular one is our 7-in-1 robot cordless vacuum cleaner, featuring many humane designs for better operation: anti-fall and anti-collision protection, adjustable cleaning speed and time, remote control and so on. Compared to other robot vacuums, it can clean stubborn stains on the floor with the "wet mode" on. The "wet mode" enables the robot to clean the stains by spraying some water on the clean cloth, which can wipe the stain more thoroughly.

Buying a robot vacuum is a much economical investment than hiring a cleaning lady. And you can let it clean anytime you want. If you place order right now, you can get a big discount. Just come on, a big surprise is waiting for you!

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

5 out of 5 from 891 reviews
7-in-1Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I was willing to try this product but found it quite difficult to set up. It seems to have a quotmindquot of it039s own on occasions but performs well on my hard floors but less so on rugs. It will not work at all on the carpet in my lounge it keeps throwing up code 04 which means quotclean detectorsquot but they are not blockedI will persevere with this quotrobotquot and hope to quotget to grips with itquot in the near future

The greatest thing ever invented

I absolutely love this robot vacuum cleaner. It039s more efficient than the normal vacuum cleaner I have. I watched it -NOTE I watched it for an hour cleaning a big room after i vacuum cleaned it before with my normal vac. It still had the dust pan totally full - and it mist not a bit of the room Love it

Absolute bargain

Several family members have these machines only they have different manufacturers with names I have not heard of. They also paid prices between 400 and 600 for them. I purchased my quotPhillipsquot for just under 200 from Crazy Sales and have a brand name machine which works wonderfully. Price aside it sure beats pulling out the vacuum cleaner or bending over with the dustbuster or even swinging a broom

Philips Easy Star Super Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Philip is busy doing my work as I type. I have four Pug dogs who shed hair constantly and after a vacuum two days before my robot arrived and since then Philip has kept the hair under control and I couldn039t be happier.My friends have all been called in to watch this miracle so I wouldn039t be surprised if you are inundated with orders.God bless Philip may he live forever.


I have had a previous incarnation of a similar machine from another manufacturer but it didn039t last long so I thought I would upgrade and I am so glad I did.This little beauty cleans EVERYTHING - hard floors tiles carpet and so easy to programme. Just set and forget.I have a combination of different floor types and a 1cm jump up to our timber floored lounge but this little guy handles it all in his stride and does an excellent job.Highly recommend this to anyone with a busy lifestyle or bad back - where vacuuming can be a painful chore at times.

Man wants to clean

The best thing about this robovac is that suddenly my husband is willing to vacuum the main living areas. Years ago I bought him a remote control hovercraft - now he has RoboVac to play with. He loves the remote control and uses the spot clean function whenever he spills something. It039s great

Great service

Fast delivery. Received in 3 days. Great price. Great product clean under beds. Will buy from crazy sales again


This is my new best friend. It cleans the tiles and the carpets spotlessly. Highly recommended.

not too bad at all

This is definatly not a Roomba but for the price you pay its a good second place Has no timing functions but will keep on going till it runs out of battery or u stop it of courseNo virtual walls but not needed if you don039t mind setting up barriers. The suction is exceptional and the pattern gets just about every spot. Awesome time saver great vacuum for the price

Good help in house work

I used the robot every day since I received that Saves me a lot of time and a discussion of who is doing whatFirst couple of days had problem with running off electricity too quickly I had read the instruction properly - should first recharge for 12 hours initialy Now it is all fine Virtual wall is very helpful

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