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About Rowing Machine

Rowing is a well-known water activity that requires rigorous movements catering to various important sets of muscles in the body. Rowing machine's movement pattern is similar to this. Hence, with rowing machines, you can exercise different muscle groups of your body, the abdomen, legs, arms, shoulders, buttocks, and back. It is especially effective to reduce abdominal and upper arm fat. This workout is also useful for your circulatory system, heart, and lungs. What's more, this rowing machine targets your upper and lower muscles and can burn up to 5 times the calories than walking alone. 

You can also set your own pace and difficulty. Complete with an electronic monitor, you can keep track of the time, distance and even calories burnt easily. Rowing machines provided here are different in designs, different in sizes and different in colors. Delicate looking and safe design bring you the best using experience. For better body form, rowing machine helps you. For much more saving, CrazySales brings it to you. Get fit, healthy and feeling better with the excellent rowing machines!

Here are some benefits a rowing machine, a great cardio gym equipment can bring you:

1. Weight Loss. A fitness plan including a cardio exercise is an essential part of losing weight. Rowing is a highly effective aerobic exercise that can help you burn out as many calories as running – over 600 calories per hour. While it is a perfect equipment for those who cannot commit a long run because of joints issues and bone deformity.

2. Upper Body Workout. Rowing involves some main upper body muscle groups. Your shoulders, upper and lower back, and a lite range of chest and abs are activated in the moves. Also, providing some stretch motions, it enhances your muscle agility and elasticity.

3. Lower Body Workout. Your lower body muscles, particularly quadriceps and calf muscle, get a strong motivated workout on a rowing machine. You can release or raise resistance according to your fitness plan and desired results. That said, rowing machine exercises are more flexible for people who have lower body issues.

4. Convenient. Almost all rowing machines are foldable for the convenience of home gym. Although a machine with solid quality is of more weight, its foldability can still let you save half of its activated space.