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About Scooters

Imagine if instead of walking slowly to your next destination you were able to experience the thrill of scooting along the side walk, wind in your hair, weaving through the people, enjoying the outdoors. Here at Crazy Sales we can make that happen at the click of a button! Whether you are interested in a little bit of exercise while scooting, or prefer to cruise, we have the perfect scooter to suit you.

Kids will go bananas over our colorful four wheel scooters giving them that extra bit of stability when they first begin to study the art of the scooter. For the speedsters we have heavy duty BMX style scooters with front and rear handbrakes for safety on the jumps at the skate park. The kids will always remember the birthday they opened this present and how much fun they had.

But wait! Scooters aren't just a children's toys, they can be enjoyed by all ages! Scooters are a great mode of transport, saving the environment and letting you enjoy the outdoors. Our range of electric scooter models are convenient to charge, can be folded away when not used and are durable throughout the seasons. If you're going to the local shops to get some milk, why not take the electric scooter?