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About Sewing Machines

A sewing machine is what brings surprise to your fabric decoration and design. Fashion designers, craft enthusiasts, interior decorators and even sewing beginners will love the selection of sewing machines available at CrazySales! We have the best modern sewing machines online to help you fix your buttons, make sheets or curtains. Alterations, new creations or even Halloween costumes are within your reach and your budget.

Choosing a sewing machine is not easy because they come in a wide range. Embroidery machines, mini portable sewing machines, Singer sewing machines and handheld sewing machines at CrazySales can dazzle your eyes. Here is a brief guidance to help your selection. If you want to learn more, we have a sewing machine buying guide with more detailed suggestions.

Sewing ability is the first factor to consider while purchasing a sewing machine. Our electric machines can reflect their sewing ability through the numbers of patterns. Price also goes up with the increasing numbers of patterns. 14-patterned device or 23-patterned machine could be enough for beginners.

Portability can decide whether you can take the sewing machine away even in a trip. It would be very convenient to repair clothes or sew a button with a mini handheld sewing machine in your suitcase. They can save you from the awkwardness of improper dressing.

Bonus and accessories can't be neglected to save your time to shop for them. Colorful bobbins, bobbin pins, needles can satisfy your basic sewing need. At least you can test the machine as soon as you receive it. Our Multi-Functional Portable Mini Sewing Machine is so cost-efficient with the bonus including 64 bobbins.

Take these handy devices along for school pantomimes, event decorating or long trips in case your little one broke his pants while he's rushing around. Now you can complete your projects in any room of your home or even on the veranda! Low prices and high quality won't be alternative but a combination when you shop at CrazySales! Our multi-functional embroidery machines feature a variety of sewing patterns and the option for embroidery. Say good-bye to hours of tedious sewing and re-threading or expensive trips to the seamstress. With the amazing bargains on offer at CrazySales you are sure to find the right machine at the right price.