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    Latest mortal instruments clothing line Reviews

    4.99 out of 5 from 71 reviews
    First Step to be Covering Tyler Joseph

    Im a sixteen year-old guy who normally plays guitar but I wanted to try out ukulele too as kind of an add-on instrument. I got this as a Christmas gift from my parents last month. Its my first uke so I wanted one on the cheaper side...but the instrument itself doesnt sound cheap at allSTRINGS As other reviewers stated the nylon strings do not come already tuned tip from bottom to top its tuned GCEA. The strings wouldnt stay in tune for the first couple of days which is expected because they need time to stretch and be "broken in" but after re-tuning a couple times- they now stay almost perfectly in tune for long periods of time. Also an interesting thing is Im a lefty but I had a friend take all the strings off and simply reattach them the opposite way and it works for left handed players warning chords are different for right-handed players and left-handed players so find left-handed ukulele chords onlineUKULELE The uke itself looks great and has no errors in its finish or in its build as far as I can see and it sounds clean and crisp. Its also amazingly light in weight and easy to carry and hold. Other reviewers normally purchase the instrument for younger kids 5-13 years old but a teenager or a grown adult can play the instrument too. And its honestly pretty easy to play especially if you already have some sort of experience with in my case a guitar another string instrument.ACCESSORIES Along with the instrument itself comes a black bag to carry it in. Theres nothing special about the bag but it makes carrying the uke around easier and keeps the dust off of it. Three picks red green and purple of different widths come in a tiny bag as well. Overall I give the little uke five stars and would definitely buy again. Some examples of great musicians who use the ukulele are Tyler Joseph Grace Vanderwaal and Cavetown. Personally I love the instrument and Im a happy customer

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