Traditional Chinese doctor think that soup made by slow cookers are good to people than medicine. And also slow cookers have the ability to keep the most nutritional element in foods during cooking. And even so many kinds of nutritional elements can be absorbed easily than common cooking. Indeed, slow cookers can bring people many more kinds of delicious foods with much more nutrition.

We provide you slow cookers high in quality, different in size and different in design. May many people thought that sunbeam slow cooker is difficult in operation, so they hesitate to choose this appliance to add more nutrition in daily lives. However, the slow cookers we offered are easy to use and safe during using. Sunbeam slow cookers here are in big discount now. If you place order, you can get the best price. And also, if you have any questions during your scanning and shopping, you can inquiry with our online customer service. Our professional CrazySales team will provide you nice service in your whole shopping.

Slow Cookers Reviews

5 out of 5 from 228 reviews
Multi-Function 8 in 1 Cooker

This is great and almost half the price of the one on TV. I have used it every night since it arrived. The only drawback that I can see doesn039t come with a receipe book. Buy it you wont be dissapointed.

Good buy

Bought this for a daughters birthday looks good is good but as she works and the product has no recipes she is a bit afraid to use it can we get ideas from anywhere or is it just a throw in the ingredients and hope for the best cooker

Great buy

Being a single person I was only looking for a small slow cooker which seemed to be hard to find as most are 5 or 6L so as soon as I saw this one I bought it and its been fantastic. It039s great for making soups and casseroles and is easy to clean I just pop it in the dishwasher. This is a great cooker perfect for a single person or couple and it039s so simple to use.

Best Purchase Ever

This is the purchase of the century Have used it lots since purchasing it and have had heaps of yummy meals. Does exactly what it says it will do Highly recommended

Not Bad

I really like this product especially when I can toss everything in together as it saves time. Everything cooks in a very short time which in turn saves on energy costs. I have only one negative the manual is not very informative and if some recipes had been included that would have been great. Other than that this product is very good. As always Crazy Sales were terrific.

8 in 1 cooker.

I love this cooker. I found the roast setting a little hot so I just turned it down a little. Perfect results. Easy to use

I love this multi-function cooker

Even though I havent had much use out of this multi-function cooker yet as Ive only had it for a couple of weeks what I have been able to produce from this product thus far is downright amazing and would highly recommend it to others

Fantastic Item

A fantastic product at a great priceuser-friendly and easy to experiment with.The freight was faster than expected and Crazy Sales were great to deal with Keep up the good work

love this item

great product perfect cooking for two.would recommend to friends.

Excellent product

This multi cooker is fantastic. Did a pot roast in it. Perfect. Love it. AAA

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