At Crazy Sales we understand that it's the little things in life that count and small appliances at discount prices are two of the best! Our wide variety of small appliances help create the experience of a full functioning kitchen in your cozy little studio or simply help provide the extra tools you need to make life a little easier while at the same time saving space.

Crazy Sales supplies all the appliances you need to prepare your meals. From mincers to juicers blenders to food processors, we have everything you could ask for, at amazingly low prices. Domestic multi-tasking is a lot less complicated with the help of appliances. Chopping, slicing and dicing are all made simple and safe with our range of high quality low priced food processors. Never worry about dragging bags of ice again with our discount Get dinner started with a slow cooker, electric hot plate, rice cooker or state-of-the-art air fryer while you prepare delicious goodies with your frozen yogurt or ice cream maker.

Food dehydrators make tasty little treats as well as making sure your snacks are healthy. Save freshly cooked meals, fruit and much more with one of our many vacuum sealers and vacuum sealer bags. Save time, money and space with the wide range of appliances to choose from a Crazy Sales!

Small Kitchen Appliances Reviews

5 out of 5 from 10913 reviews
Multi-Function 8 in 1 Cooker

This is great and almost half the price of the one on TV. I have used it every night since it arrived. The only drawback that I can see doesn039t come with a receipe book. Buy it you wont be dissapointed.

Not completely happy with this item

I bought this product 11 months ago and was very happy with it until a couple of months ago when two of the plastic trays started snappingbreaking in places near the outer edge when the product was in use. Both trays were still usable until this morning when a whole section of the outer edge of one of the damaged trays snapped off when I was wiping it. For this reason I would not recommend it to a friend.


We cannot fault this dehydrator cheap to buy initially and it hasn039t stopped since it arrived fruitvegiesbeef jerky it has not given any dramas and works well

Perfect ice cream maker

I was looking for an ice cream maker with out the massive price tag and i found this machineit has been used nearly every day .I have now 10 different types of ice cream that my wife and girls like.We will never buy the shop version ice cream again.I like the fact that it can been taken apart and cleaned with ease.This is the best ice cream maker under 100.00 on the market and with proper care should last us for a long time .I have recomended this product and my neighbour and some friends are getting them as gifts and for personal use.

This is awesome.

I love this guy. It makes large ice cubes in approx 10 minutes of turning it on if you use cold water in the hopper. If tepid water is used full sized ice takes 2 or 3 cycles 20-30min.The ice isn039t super cold but can be used straight from the machine. After all it039s ice. Personally I bag and freeze it for later use.Highly recommended.Crazy sales are definitely the fastest online shop regarding delivery.

easy to use and oh-so-yummy

Received this product in good time. Easy to use with bowl now always in freezer to make it ready to have ice cream anytime. Recipes galore on WWW or just use your imagination. Made mango then peach ice creams then lemon and orange sorbets straight away and wow how easy and so yummy. All you have to do is pour in cooled mixture hardest part is to make this and wait 20-30mins for soft to medium hard ice cream and if you have extra time to wait place in freezer for harder texture if that is what you want. We do not buy ice cream now just think up different flavours and scour fruit shops for very ripe and very cheap fruit to use. At this price you cannot miss.

Power Mixer value for money

If your looking to buy a power mixer look no further to put it in a nutshell fantastic.

Great item

Good suction and does an excellent job. I wold buy another of these.

great machine

love this icecream makerdoes not take too long to make and the icecream is lovely and creamy have been experimenting quite a bit on all types of flavours. family love it.

surprisingly GOOD

I bought this p0roduct so I can bring it to camp. A little too high tech since we are roughing it Tents and all. That night it rained so hard that the inside of our tent got flooded I was so sad because I saw my new maxxlon Induction cooker on the ground completely submerged in water. I was so impressed with its performance for the last 2 days and I was so crushed when I dried it I switch it on I was so happy becauser its working again I do not regret buying this product I think its the best cooking stove I ever brought to camp. Just make sure to use the correct pots and pans specifically designed for induction cooking or it will give you an error report. If you boilk a big pot of water in 2 minutes the whole pot is boiling but if you touch the pot itself its not even hot thank you crazy sales I promise I wont submerge it in water again A EXCELLENT BUY

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