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A safe and silent snake repellent is a perfect pest control device to protect you and your family indoors and outdoors. Our solar snake repellers can do a great job on snake repelling without harmful chemicals, creating a safe and healthy space for your life.

How does a Snake Deterrent work? As snakes dislike confrontation, and have sensors all along their body to detect disturbance around them, the snake repellent will transmit ultrasonic waves via vibration through the ground. If snakes detect these ultrasonic waves from the repellent, they will run away from the annoying and scary waves. This chemical-free pest control method not only has great effect on repelling snakes, but also guarantee the zero-harm to the physical health of people and pets.

Our sentinel snake repellents can cover broader area than other traditional snake repelling methods. Most of working area range is about 600 sqm, suitable for most gardens’ size. As for the material, they’re all made of water-proof ABS material so that you can place it outdoors without the worries of weather issue. If you worry about the installation of most Pest Control measures, our solar snake repellents can solve the problem with simple installation: stick the snake repeller into mud surface and done.

Double power supply is another advantage of our snake repellents. The power origin of our sentinel snake repellents Australia includes solar power and battery, to guarantee the long-lasting operation of the pest control. And the large solar plate can absorb more sunlight to increase the energy conversion rate.

In conclusion, investing our Snake Away repellents will help you get rid of the nuisance and cost you the minimum effort. Since then you and your family can move around the garden or yard without fearing encountering snakes or getting hurt. Buy our solar power snake repellers at the lowest price now for no-snake security.

Snake Repellent Reviews

5 out of 5 from 160 reviews
Snake Free Zone

We have the Solar Powered Snake Repellent with LED light installed in the back yard and there has been no sight of the black snake that had been seen there several times the previous week. VERY PLEASED.

Fantastic price for a great product

Would recommend to others as since we have installed the snake repellars we have not had a snake in our back yard great safety for my dogs

Gives peace of mind

Havent seen any snakes near the house since installing these repellers I have seen lizards take off when they hear the noise these make so they deffinately DO work gives peace of mind knowing the kids are better off with these repellers around.

solar snake repellent

So far so good no snakes and I have to say I feel more confident with them emitting their low pitch noise as I feel that would definitely put snakes off staying My dog has killed quite a few snakes poisonous ones in our garden so I worry a lot that one day she will get bitten. The price is very cheap and anything that deters snakes into my dog039s and chooks039 garden is well worth it. I would definitely recommend these -

Great snake deterent

I have some of these previously and found that in 4 years I have not had a snake in those areas so I bought more and will set them up around other areas where I have seen snakes during that time. I think they are a great investment.

IT Works

heard from friend these things work so had to try. placed one on either side of house snake smell is gone and cats like to stay around house againexcellent

Confidence regained

After sitting on the verandah with my feet up relaxing then looking down and seeing a 2 metre brown snake slither under my seat I found it too hard to venture out again.I bought this snake repellent and have not seen any snake since. I now have confidence to sit out there relaxing again.Dont hesitate get one.

What a really great item amp it really works

During the hot months of this year I had lots of problems with very large and aggressive Brown Snakes in my backyard and to get a snake removal guy was going to cost me 160 per snake and when my wife saw this item on your website I ordered it right away and we have not seen or heard any snakes since.

Great Value and fast delivery

First thing that attracted me was the fact that I could buy two for the same price some places are charging for one. I was amazed at how quickly the order arrived too living in Tasmania we really are used to snail mail but I received it within a couple of days. Good product simple to use and hopefully effective Will definitely be shopping at Crazy Sales again


This product is well presented easy to set up and install looks good and seems to be working. Would recommend to anyone

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