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About Sofa Beds

A Sofa Bed can serve for sitting and sleeping to maximize your space, whether it is designed as a futon sofa bed, a couch bed or a single recliner. After getting a versatile sofa bed, the days are gone when you would be sitting on an uncomfortable firm couch and sleeping on a less cosy bed. Get inspired from Sofa Beds to save your home space.

CrazySales has stocked a wide range of Cheap Sofa Beds including adjustable Recliners, Leather Sofa Beds, lounge sofa chairs, Double Sofa Beds and so on. Once you buy a sofa bed your guests can stay over if it’s late. It would be a super convenient solution for the situations when you don’t have an extra bedroom at home, or space for an extra bed. Somehow it’s a piece of Bedroom Furniture which can serve as a sofa usually, as well as a regular couch that turns to a bed at night.

For most families who intend to change their sofas, we’d like to recommend our leather sofa beds with two or three seaters. In the daytime you can curl yourselves up on it to watch TV. When there’s need of having another bed, it can be unfolded and turn to a double sleeping bed at night. PU leather guarantees its durability, while multiple seaters make sure you have enough room for a whole family to sit and sleep.

We also have many Single Sofa Beds that are designed to be a recliner or a sofa chair. They all feature adjustable reclining level to make it a sofa chair or a flat sofa bed. If you live alone and have little space for an option with several seaters, there’re single sofa beds with matching pillows awaiting for your choice. In addition, our lounge sofa chairs with 75 degree adjustable angle are able to serve as a recliner and sofa bed as well. Its soft but firm cushion allow you to sleep in comfort.

Our multi-purpose furniture are both versatile and easily changeable from day and night, creating an extra piece of furniture without taking up extra space. This selection of sofa beds is included besides our Folding Beds and Storage Ottoman. Check out and pick one from our sofa bed range to save your space and furniture budget!


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