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About Solar Panels

Certainly, you may get mad or be in a panic due to the power outage when staying at home, camping outdoors or traveling by your RV. With a portable solar panel for emergencies, you no longer have to worry about the lack of power. Unlike generator, solar panels are built with less odors, lower risk of explosion and more convenience. Solar panels for sale at Crazysales are from various top brands and in a range of stylings and efficiencies to meet your diverse needs. 

How do solar panels work? In short, they work by making photons or particles of the sunlight to knock electrons free from atoms, and generate electricity and heat. They are used widely for homes, businesses and communities for they can function to maintain essentials operating even if the weather interrupts the power supply. Monocrystalline solar panels are popular and welcomed by customers in that the monocrystalline cells are ones of the highest efficiencies available in the market. It performs quite well even in a challenging and bad environment such as low or high temperature, while other cells like polycrystalline would fail to perform.  

Here provides 12v solar panels and 24v solar panels, the former accounts for a larger proportion. Most of them are portable, foldable and of the highest international standard. The folding solar panels are often featured with strong and durable tempered glasses, which are hail resistant and low reflective thus making more energy from every drop of sunshine. Each panel is built with anodized aluminum frame ensuring these solar panels not to rust overtime and giving them a long life as much as possible. These flexible solar panels generally could be taken anywhere and folded neatly in seconds, as well as equipped with sturdy carry handle and legs to withstand strong wind. They can be packed up easily, and come with dust and water-resistant cover bag for extra protection of the panel when travelling. Last but not least, all solar panel cost is friendly and reasonable. 

Now, you don’t have to worry about the power-cut indoors or outdoors, here gives you a series of best solar panels for selection. Do not hesitate to buy one with a big discount!