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There are loads of mattress options out there, but spring mattresses are still a good bedding option. With its springs acting as shock proof, a sprung mattress staves off wear and tear for decades. A quality mattress is critical, once the spring mattress loses its support, it can offer nothing but discomfort during your supposed-to-be great sleeping nights. ! low quality sprung mattress loses 16 percent of its support per year!

However, our spring mattress selections here at CrazySales are guaranteed for its good quality. You can choose from single to queen size beds or the hypoallergenic mattresses for those who have allergy problems. Hypoallergenic mattresses reduce the chances of asthma and other allergic reactions at night or whenever you try to sleep.

So whether you need a new spring mattress or a replacement for your old one, you can always trust CrazySales for your purchase. You will not only find high quality spring mattresses here but also affordable prices for each selection. Our single spring loaded bed mattress costs a fraction of what you'd expect to pay, while our queen-sized bed is priced less than double that. So what else are you waiting for? Check out your options here at CrazySales and welcome a great sleep night after night.

Don't miss our newest specials on mattresses! We buy our products directly from the factory to pass the deals direct to you. When you buy mattresses at CrazySales, you'll get the lowest price on the finest products. We use fast, cheap shipping to get your purchase to you.

If you're not completely satisfied with your mattresses, then just send them back to us within 30 days for full store credit. Join over half a million happy customers at CrazySales, Australia's fastest growing online shopping site. With our secure online shopping technology, your purchase is completely safe. And with our CrazyPoints shopping reward system, the more you buy, the more you save!

Spring Mattresses Reviews

5 out of 5 from 608 reviews
Fantastic Buy

The easiest and fastest Mattress buying experience online. Affordable product and fast delivery. Fantastic

absolutely great buy

I must say l was a little unsure with this queen size mattress and buying basically un seenbut after my amazement that the QUEEN mattress was delivered in a boxl thought what l have l boughtonce un wrapped to my amazement a queen size inner spring mattress expanded to it orginal size and shapevaccum sealed in box.Great mattress and very comfortablehave already told many of my friends about thisgood qualitycomfort and most of all very affordablerecommend highly

Value for money

The mattresses are very comfortable but they are a little on the soft side - so beware if you like a hard mattress. Note the bit about the fact that they come vaccuum sealed. The mattress does not resemble a king sized mattress when you get it but once you puncture the bag it soon does - I nearly sent mine back because it looked way too small to be a king sized intersprung mattressGood mattress and good and quick service.

What a bargain

What a bargain I needed a mattress for our spare room and decided to order this and give it a try. My expectations wernt too high but what a suprise Its quite comfy -

A good Mattress

I bought this mattress for my kids. It is not firm nor soft but just right for them. My kids like it so much. Thanks crazySales.

great mattress

This mattress is so good for the pricethanks crazysales

Queen Mattress

I bought this product for my daughter for her first bed and was amazed when it arrived in a box....she also bought the bed to go with it so when we opened the box and this skinny mattress was inside l was a bit worried....then we unpacked it and the vaccuum seal let rip and there was this great Queen size mattress that came in the needed a new mattress so l jumped online and ordered pleased


Brought this mattress to go on my daughters bed she loves it Very happy

Great Item

My wife and I needed a double bed mattress for our motorhome to replace a hard foam type. We saw this product read the reviews and thought we039d give it a try. Service was fantastic delivered in 3 days. Couldn039t believe the size of the box it came in so small and easy to handle. Well we opened the vacuum seald bag and it magically grew into a normal sized double bed. We slept on it last night and oh so comfortable. Same comfort as our bedroom mattress we paid 700 for. We are so happy with this mattress we have ordered a queen bed one to replace the spare bed one. I highly recommend this product to any one buying a new mattress. Thank You Crazy Sales.

The Best Things Come in Small Packages

I039d surfed the Net for months looking at these shrink-wrappable latex mattresses as an option for a guest room that I was renovating on a budget. Crazysales had a sale on the queen size that I needed which meant my delivery charge was negated so at just over 250 to the door in rural NSW I thought it was worth trying. It arrived within days of ordering uncannily packaged and when I unpacked it on the bed as instructed by many on YouTube so it sprang out in situ great tipit was just like any QS mattress. After 24 hours it was full sized and the slight smell had disappeared. However when I went to make the bed up I sat on it then I lay on it. Then I walked to my bedroom stripped my own bed and swapped the mattresses over. For a week now I039ve had the most brilliant sleep on the most comfortable mattress I039ve ever slept on. My mattress cost me several thousand dollars a few years ago - on sale. Even if this 250 investment wears out in a couple of years it039s dollars well spent by comparison. Be aware that the sides of the mattress are soft rather than firm like others.

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