Steam cleaners or steam vapor systems are cleaning appliances or devices that use steam to quickly dry, clean, and sanitize inanimate surfaces. Often the process is effective enough to disinfect or even sterilize the surfaces. The inherent low-moisture characteristics of vapor steam cleaners make them suitable for use inside buildings and residences. Steam cleaners are frequently used in hypoallergenic environments because they do not require the use of additional cleaning chemicals, which results in better indoor air quality and eliminates the need to handle or store cleaning agents. Steam has been shown effective in combating mold, bacteria, viruses, and other forms of bio contamination. In our daily lives, clothes steamer is used widely and frequently.

Clothes steamer can do cleaning and sterilizing ate the same time, so that it can guarantee the safety when use it. We provide you a huge stock of steam cleaners in a low price, so no matter what kind of clothes steamer or steam cleaners you want, you can get the satisfied one here surely. If you place order right now, we can provide you a big discount!

Steam Cleaners & Accessories Reviews

5 out of 5 from 3056 reviews
Makes cleaning fun

I dont like cleaning but this actually made it fun and convenient. It was easy to set up quick to steam and not messy convenient to get out for a quick touch up clean with out having to get out the cleaning clothes for fear of chemical splash on my everyday clothes. If like me you had let the shower go a bit too long and I039m not talking a week you may want to spray some shower cleaner first and them steam but kitchen cleaning just steamed everything off. Great value for money

Very easy to use steamer

I was nervous buying this product because it hadn039t been reviewed by others. My fears were unfounded. The steamer is fabulous. It has a huge water tank which heats up very quickly - and its beaut how it lets you apply max steam to the spots that need it and a gentler steam to the rest of the floor. The unit is much stronger than I expected - and I039m even looking forward to doing the cleaning now that the task is so much easier and quicker. I haven039t tried the window cleaning attachment yet - but can039t see why it won039t work as well as all the other attachments.

Great item even better service

Great steamer for the smaller jobs which is what I brought it for unfortunatly the nozzle broke within the first 2 minutes of use Thanks to Crazy Sales I had a new one shipped out within a week. FIRST CLASS SERVICE.

Good unit

I find this steam cleaner to be effective using it on the carpet throughout the house and is very easy to use.

Maxkon Powerful 1500W High Pressure Multipurpose Steam Clean

I purchased one of these units from Crazy Sales a while back and I am very happy with its performance.All we need now is somewhere where we can get spare parts for hand fisted people like me who tend to break things accidentally I may add.Recommend this little unit to anyone makes cleaning so much easier especially windows.


This steam cleaner is genius I used it to clean the grout in my shower which hadn039t been done it ages and sure enough it is sparkling. I also used it with some bathroom cleaning product for the stubborn parts. Would recommend to anyone and everyone

super dooper

excellent product works really good.i have told all my friends about how good it is.

Pros Out-Weigh Cons

Fantastic to use in shower and bathrooms.Constant steam making cleaning quicker.Can039t fault the job it does at all just a couple of functional niggles.The cord isn039t retractable.You are unable to see water level so if you aren039t keeping an eye on the time you don039t know when to top up.


I just love it It039s amazing how easy it is to use I use to clean my windows to remove mould and worked perfectly. It039s light have lots of differents attachments that help to get the job done easily I totally recommend this product

Maxkon Steamer Review

First of all I have to say Irsquom extremely impressed with crazy sales delivery I received the steamer and another product within 48 hours. Super speedy. Used the steam mop today and wow This is powerful. I have used my parents steam mop and have been frustrated with the lack of steam power and the fact I can only use the machine in 30sec intervals as it requires frequent heating. Saying that my parents machine is a cheap 60 triangular head machine not a Maxkon and not purchased off this site however. My parents machine039s water tank fell apart on second use and is very flimsy to use.The Maxkon VSC18 1500w Steamer is brilliant. Constant steady steam that doesnrsquot require to put down every 30sec and is ALOT more powerful. The package comes with heaps of attachments and two large steam pads plus a mini one. The Maxkon can clean all floor types even carpets with ease.The only down side is that it takes 11mins to heat up before use but this doesnrsquot bother me because I leave my floors to last so I pop on the steamer clean the house and by the time Irsquom ready to do the floors the steamer is too If you need to use it quickly only fill up half way 1litre and it only takes 5mins to heat up. A full tank will last 50minsAnother drawback is the plastic nozzle extension tubes which are light a metal cast tube would be nice but simply donrsquot apply too much force when cleaning.Also recommend users read the manual carefully as when the machine requires a top up excessive and pressurized steam maybe released which can be dangerous Talk about powerAll in all if you want a powerful yet cheap machine this is the one

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