Steam mops have increasingly won people's favor because of their use at ease, and lower price than vacuum cleaners. The great range of steam mops at CrazySales come in handheld steam mops, foldable steam mops and so on, which are multifunctional and suitable for beginners and housewives.

Let CrazySales help take the toil out of mopping with our discounted best steam mops and steam mop accessories, since preparing to mop your floors can be a task in itself. These modern appliances eliminate the 3-step process of conventional mopping with a mop: rinsing out the mop head and bucket, refilling the bucket to give the floor one more swab with clean water. Steam mops use heat and pure water steam to blast dirt off your floors and out of your carpets. The steam cleaning disinfect your home as you clean without the dangerous chemicals or the arduous task of scrubbing out stains. Get rid of potential pathogens as the steam from the mop kills over 99% of domestic bacteria, leaving your home smelling clean and fresh without the false aroma of chemicals that mask smells.

After learning the powerful features of steam mops, the next step is choosing a suitable steam mop for your home cleaning. It's not harder than mopping floor if you focus on a mop's design and accessories.

We have steam mops with triangle or rectangle mop heads. For families with larger space, rectangle mop heads would be better to cover more cleaning area to clean. But if you need to clean many dead corners or edges, triangle mop heads are flexible to wipe out the stains and dust in corners.

As for the accessories, you'd better choose one with many various mop heads besides the basic accessories. Some of our steam mops are equipped with many mop heads for cleaning windows, ironing shirts, cleaning furniture and so on. Some mop heads can even reach the cracks to clean. Therefore you can buy one mopping device combining the functions of all cleaning appliances.For more multifunctional steam mops with various designs,our steam cleaners and accessories will be there for you.

The wide range of steam cleaners available at CrazySales provides a green and space saving solution for cleaning your home. Besides the function of floor steam-cleaners, the accessories equipped enables the units to mop clothes, mattress, windows by switching the mop heads. Save money, time and energy when you order best steam mop online with CrazySales!

Steam Mops & Accessories Reviews

5 out of 5 from 3119 reviews
Great product great price

High quality product fits my steam mop perfectly. Now I can keep using the mop as often as I want or need to instead of waiting for a pad to be washed.

Great and easy

I thought my white tile floors were clean until I used this now they are brilliant what a difference and so easy to use.

Great buy

This steam mop was easy to use got into all the corners gave a great clean and I only had to refill it once I have a large area to cover as our house does not have carpet. The cloth washed up well. The actual steam function with attachments also works well.

Great price.

The pads are the same quality as I received with my mop and the order came qiuckly too.


Its always important to be stocked up these are great they fit any triangle shaped steam mop the draw strings are sturdy i tuck the excess string into the pad so its not dragging behind it they fit nicely around the mop and the price is really good.Only down side is that they eventually wear down especially on MY tiled floors but i get roughly 3-4 months out of one i use one until its dead then chuck it out and grab a new one so i am happy with these. i recommend to anyone buying a steam mop to stock up save on postage

great buy

these are great they fitted perfectly and fast delivery

An ok mop

The mop is good not amazing. The tiled floors were not fully cleaned even after two roeunds of mopping. I expected the steam to be much hotter than it really is given the claim that this is the best mop in Ausralia

These are brilliant

HiI have just finished mopping my slate floors these mop pads are so much easier to get along with than the ones that came with the mop. My mop is an x5 and I love it but the pads would slide off the mop on the uneven slate tiles. These pads do not move away from the mop at all also they are very reasonably priced. Will not hesitate to recomend them.

steam mop

the mop performs exteremely well doe al it advertised to do only better

What a Steamer

Our house is completely tiled and I was looking for something to bring the tiles back to new. I have used a steam mop before with poor results. I was very surprised at how quiet this machine is how quickly it is ready to use and the mop is certainly very easy to use. I have ordered extra mop heads for this so that I can do the whole house in one go. The steam mop is just great. I wouldnt have any qualms about recommending this product to a friend.

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