Strength training can not only help you to lose weight, but also retain the muscles and improve your physical strength. Through the weight resistance from a bench press or the dumbbells, your muscles can get great contraction for better strength building and aerobic endurance. But to carry out effective strength training workouts, you need different Gym Equipment to fulfil your strength training at home.

A bench press set is a perfect choice to upgrade your whole-body physical strength. If you have large space for your home gym, why not buy a free-standing basic bench press to do lifting, dipping and push-up? With a non-slip base and durable step support, our bench press for sale can guarantee the safety during your strength training workouts. Besides, we also have a superior bench press set with weight lifting equipment, including a weight bench and a dumbbell set. With the complete strength training set, you’re able to tone your muscles from your shoulders to legs.

Pick up a dumbbell set if you’re tight on space or home gym budget. There’re many dumbbell press sets. Equipped with several dumbbells at different weights, you can choose the exact weight that can match your lifting strength. All of our adjustable dumbbells are made of high-quality steel and non-slip rubber, which is ideal for muscle building and losing weight.

Moreover, there's much other strength training in different ways. They're trx straps, lifting balls and slam balls at our website for you to tone up the upper body muscles. All of them are at affordable prices so that you don’t need to pay for the expensive gym membership but can do sports in the comfort of home.

As you can see, we’ve prepared so many strength training facilities for you to upgrade the physical strength training at home, with limited space and low budget. Don’t miss our strength training array otherwise you’ll miss your muscular figure too!

Strength Training Reviews

5 out of 5 from 1214 reviews
Excellent Product

The gym arrived in 2 main boxes amp had loads of parts to assemble. The instructions for assembly were clear amp easy to follow amp after a couple of hours the gym was assembled.It is very good quality for the price amp the different elements work well.I highly recommend this unit for home use.I used to do body building many years ago so know how to use it but feel that it should come with a set of user instructions so that you know all the different exercises you can perform.I have been using it for 2 days amp can already start to feel the difference.

Product OK but...

Once installed properly the product can be fairly solid. However I give it only a fair rating due to a number of issues1. The product is delivered in 4 heavy and large boxes. Definitely a 2-man lift. However the courier sent only had one guy. But worse than that the delivery guy basically had me do all the work with him just off-loading from his truck to the middle of the road and me carrying from the road to my garage. In the rain. OK not a product-related problem but the shipping is part of the overall service and part of what I paid for.2. The gym can be set up quite sturdy and solid if you are very handy at this sort of assembly. The assembly instructions are not too bad but not perfect and assembly is certainly way more complex than your average Ikea assembly. I am a pretty technical and handy-man sort of person but if you are not then I would recommend you enlist the help of a friend who is to help with assembly.3. A couple of the plastic bags containing the nuts and bolts were broken so there were hundreds of nuts bolts and washers lying loose inside one of the 4 boxes. In the end the exact number of parts were there down to the last washer. But I felt that was just a bit of luck given how all the parts were rattling around loose in the box.4. My biggest complaint is this The gym comes with 90lbs about 45kg of weight plates. I am a beginner and after a week I realise that this is not going to be enough but someone who is serious about gym will find this woefully inadequate. I know that additional weight plates can be purchased e.g. as an expansion pack. In fact the picture shown on the website shows the product with more weight plates installed compared to what comes with the base product. But when I enquired using the enquiry email address I got a pretty unhelpful response saying that they did not stock it and would not put me in touch with their supplier so I can find out who does.5. The instructions supplied are only installation instructions and it would be useful if there were also instructions on how to use. e.g. how to perform the various different exercises.

Good product at a great price

I was very happy with the bench and the delivery time was amazingly fast

home fitness chrome spped lock dumbbell set in molded carry

The set looks great and good value for money but the molded carry case was broken before I took it out of the box. The case is no where near strong enough to hold the weight of the dumbbell set. Having said that it will be easy for me to replace it with something else and the Dumbbell set it039s self looks great.

Great Product at Reasonable Price

I chose this model over the one with sit-up function because I thought that this bench can duplicate as a Piano chair for my wife or simply a sitting chair when you have guests coming over. It simply is perfect It does not store awkward in my small one bedroom apartment and is great for exercise purpose too. The legs are built sturdy and doesn039t feel hollow or feel cheap at all. This is a proper exercise bench that I think can accomodate its weight rating easily. The cushion is comfortable and reasonable in quality. I would definately recommend it

Good For The Price

This is a great all in one product though after building it there was a lot of quotAnd just where was this suppose to goquot the instructions are abysmal to say the least there is a lot of guess work when putting it together and because there are a couple different options that makes it a little more complicated... Once it is all together though it039s a good system for the price. The weights are held on in what I would have thought not the safest manner and I can039t understand why the bar comes in two pieces... but I guess you get what you pay for. If you want something more heavy duty and reliable it039s going to cost a lot more but with the inclusions it039s a good all round centre Works well for both myself and my husband

Genki Fitness Tower - Love it

Having compared the prices of similar products the Genki Fitness Tower from Crazysales was the most quotvalue for moneyquot.It was easy to assemble no need for hubby039s help and I was using it not long after its delivery. The metal frame is very sturdy weight is 37kg and the padding used for back and forearm is firm. Lots of nuts amp screws with package so be sure to do a stocktake as soon as you open the box.It is quite a large unit so you039ll need to consider where you are going to place it before assembling.Love the Fitness Tower - been using it daily now.


Very good product for price couldn039t find any cheaper than this. Again shipping and delivery speed is excellent. Highly recommended

Does the job

Whilst I was overjoyed at the delivery speed the assembly instructions certainly was a big let down. When you need to squint at fuzzy exploded views of parts to figure which bit goes where it can become rather frustrating. Once finally constructed I felt a rush of accomplishment Though in saying that there were some extra parts I still have no idea where to put.The bench press certainly functions as you would expect but I found the 039extras039 cumbersome to use in the tight spot I had set it up in. Despite all the negatives I am happy with the product overall.

Best product I039ve used but...

This is the best exercise product I039ve used in my 55 years. I039ve exercised nearly all my life including time in recruits in the Army the Qld Police Service and the R.A.A.F. but now as a disabled person it039s difficult to find anything that allows me to exercise easily but the Door Flex Pro is the one for me.Even when I039m in bad pain I can still manage to work other parts of the body to keep in some sort of shape.Only problem is that the pulleys at the top have been ripping out. The innermost one lightest exercise has fallen off and the middle has already started to turn on its axis.However I039m buying another one because this machine is definitely worth it. You can039t put a price on health and with this on a frequently used door you039ll find it easier to do the exercise compared to other exercise systems which can be hidden from sight in the garage or spare room.

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