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About Tables

Shop for a table that can spice up your home decor and serve as a functional piece at your home!

At CrazySales, our versatile tables include dining tables, coffee tables, nest of tables and bar tables to cater for various household need. Whether you’re hunting for a dining table worthy of a fantastic meal, or nest of tables to display your photo frames, we can offer you an ideal solution.

Apart from their versatility, our collection of tables also feature a number of styles and designs. Whether your home decor belongs to classic or natural styles, or modern clean manner, you’re sure to find an inspiring option to match your space straight away.

Dining Tables

As for how practical a dining table would be, many people can list hundreds of reasons. It can serve as your kids’ desk while you’re preparing dinner. If you don’t get an ironing board, a large dining table can be the best clothes sorting place. At weekends it can become a board game place of you and your family. Certainly the basic function of a dining table is that we can eat on it anytime.

Wooden dining tables are most families’ choice no matter what their home styles are, meanwhile matchy for most dining chairs. High quality wood or timber tables can beat the plastic ones with their durability. Most of family activities need to be arranged with a dining table, hence it’s necessary to focus more on the durability.

Coffee Tables

A coffee table does not only serve as a table for enjoying tea and coffee, but also allows you and your family to place items such as magazines and cups to keep your living room clean and tidy. Our high quality and stylish coffee tables can suit any living room with additional layers for storage.

Nest of Tables

Bothered by little storage space at home? Our nest of tables aim to keep your house well-organized and tidy. With three tables of various size, you can place them together or separately according to your home organization. Handy and stylish pieces of furniture for most modern families, nest of tables won’t get you any regret.


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