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About Telescopes

Let’s take a spacewalk without leaving earth! Scan the sky with a professional astronomical telescope from the comfort of your own home or a beautiful countryside. A telescope is an optical instrument with a singular viewfinder that allows people to observe distant objects. It needs to sit on a tripod or a rocker-box for stability. It is an ideal present for cosmic enthusiasts to look at stars and galaxies. Telescopes for sale are more expensive than binoculars. However, you can find a perfect astronomical telescope here at CrazySales with a definitely affordable price.

CrazySales has telescopes for kids on sale as well. If you’re looking for a classic way to cultivate your kid’s interest, buy a special telescope for kids is optimal. It should be lightweight enough to move around whether on the balcony or outdoors. With their elegant, logical and appropriate design, it is a great choice for children over 8 years old with an interest in the night sky.

Binoculars are different from telescopes on their appearances and functions. They have two viewfinders instead of one and are typically used for surveillance, or bird watching and animal watching on safaris. You can change binoculars’ focus arrangement by adjusting the interpupillary distance, ideal for getting a clear look at your surroundings. Some binoculars at CrazySales are specifically engineered to observe the life on the water or in the sky, producing bright and clear images. They are great companions for your road trip or sightseeing and are great gifts for teenagers or senior people.

CrazySales also offers high-quality night vision monoculars and binoculars for sale. A monocular is actually a lightweight, compact telescope which can be used to magnify the image of a distant object. If you have a stakeout or animal watching activity at night, you can either choose an easy-to-bring night vision monocular to save space or larger binoculars for a clearer look. Night vision function means the telescope works better in weak light surroundings than ordinary telescopes, but it does not work in total darkness. Basic waterproof function means the telescope can cope with small rain drops or water drips but not under massive water conditions.