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overall happy with the machine

Several points to bear in mind if purchasing this product... it is heavy as per specs 78 kgs some assembly required chineseenglish incomplete instructions and quality. Mine also arrived with a bad oil leakstain on the cardboard box although no damage could be found on inspection. It will take two people to move it and when you remove the cardboard box you will find the main part bolted into an angle iron frame which will take two people to get it out of the frame. The instruction manual seems to be for a machine that is more assembled than this one... only assembly up to the handlebars nothing about the wheels tillers or shroud. A decent amount of commonsense will overcome most assembly issues except one the wheels are held on by quick release clips that go through the wheel hub and axle on mine the quick release clip would not go through the holes on one side as the holes in the wheel hub were not drilled straight. I had to file out the hole on one side larger so the clip would fit. Using it is fairly straight-forward the engine will need fuel and oil added the gearbox is all ready filled. As with every other machine purchased with an engine from Crazysales the engine started first time with full choke and runs smoothly at the factory throttle setting. You must lift the tillers from the ground if you wish to move using the engine. Be aware of the tiller guard digging into the ground if you reverse the unit with the tillers at full depth you must lift the tillers clear of the ground for safety. Also try not to press down on the handlebars as you use the machine as this will lift the front wheels off the ground and it will take off like a startled rabbit... one more thing if you have very very dry dusty soildirt the engine onoff switch may not turn the engine off due to dust getting into the switch. The tiller works much better with wetdamp soildirt.

handy litlle machine

Very good and easy to work with does what y have read in the info panel

Inexpensive but also basic.

Purchased this tiller as I need to take some pressure off my back and reduce the amount of digging that I do. It arrived promptly about 4 days and took about an hour to assemble add oil etc. I have now used it on a number of rows in the vegetable garden. It certainly tills well and has sufficent power. However it does require a degree of strength to steer it because of its weight and propensity to run away when not fully pushed into the ground and it uses pins that very inconveniently have to be inserted removed and reinserted into the wheels to allow it to free wheel. The next main test will be how long it lasts .. obviously I cant comment on this as yet.

makes digging a breeze

Brought a tiller runs great make planting a veggy patch light work and even more enjoyable to be out in the garden

Hold on

Does what it claims. Not easy at first takes some getting use to. Get it to depth.Glad I did not go a smaller HP.

4HP Tiller real machine

When buying any motorised equipment you always wonder if they will start or not therefore buying problems I was really anxious having had bad experiences with stores having to return their equipment. It was with delight that after unpacking the Shogun Tiller and following the easy to read instructions IT STARTED and I stopped it and started it again just for the fun of it. Since I have done all my backyard without a single swearing word. This is a good solid tiller with plenty of power and always ready to start. Shogun this product is excellent value for money.


2reveiw 12mnths on not a problem likes hard work just show it you are the boss when you reach desired depth in your bed its adream

pleased but

I was pleased with delivery how ever it must have traveled sum ware along the line upside down as there was oil every were books were stuck together.The uper handles are rusted and the paint is lifted off other than that I simply LOVE the thing good luck guys..


Great product very useful. Great buy Really impressed with this product. I highly recommend it The item was superior Great product very useful


Fantastic machine east to put together. I even did it without my glasses on . Works the ground up really well

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