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Forget about a complete toilet room remodel. With toilet accessories, the room will be more sanitary, more comfortable to use, and more stylish. Sanitation is very important in a room intended for human waste disposal. Your room should also have some things to keep hygienic toilet use within reach like a toilet roll holder. This thing is simple yet it serves for a very important purpose - holding the toilet paper. But for some people, wiping it is just not enough. The actual washing is necessary. A bidet can take care of that.

This toilet accessory is attached on the toilet seat so that a separate sink for the bidet is not needed anymore. When you're done, simply open the faucet and wash it. Water coming out from some bidets has adjustable temperature so it isn't too hot or too cold. Besides their hygienic qualities, the toilet accessories we have here are superbly stylish. Check the different designs of toilet roll holders and pick one that matches your taste or the room's theme.

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Toilet Accessories Reviews

5 out of 5 from 211 reviews
Help save the trees

This item is fantastic not only was I able to fit it in a few minutes but I am saving a small fortune in loo paper. All you need is to have a towel handy to dry yourself when you have used it. It is great to have that freshly washed feeling. If you are disabled and have trouble bending and stretching to wipe your self a this is the device for you. It makes cleaning the loo a breeze. As it has a cleaning function that sends water directly into the bowl no need to flush a full cistern of water just to rinse the bowl.A must for every home.

Great item- Clean and Green choice

I have used this item this is excellent item.I would recommend to everyone. This works very well. Looking at photo it does not look that great but it work very well. Your toilet paper bill will go down immediately with this.

Things worth having.

I already bought 2 of this product and this I would say isone of the best purchases I have made because I have found them very useful and practical especially with my condition.


After using the Bidet for a short period I believe every home should have a Bidet First they are very easy to install and secondly they are very hyegenic and in a hot country like Australia they are a must.I am cautious when purchasing goods from the net and when one of the Bidets I ordered did not work I was worried. I advised Crazy Sales of the problem by email and I received an immediate reply advising me that a replacement Bidet was being despatched and for me not to return the faulty one. This is excellent customer relationship and please keep up this excellent service.

Awesome jet

V good jet easy to install cleans well.Everyone should get one and save the trees

Glad we bought it

Delivery was quick the product was easy to install and it works perfectly.

Hygeian Natural Water Clean Wash Unisex Toilet Bidet

I was so happy with the product that I bought 2 Units. One for each toilet.Even without a hot water connection it039s not a torture to use it.Compared to a 400 Bidet it039s a bargain.For those who have a hot water connection close to the toilet get the dual model.Warm and cold adjustable.Very easy to install about 30 min.Only item to buy is a flexible connection between tap and cistern.Cost about 4.00 depending on length.

This item is specially useful for the Asian migrants

This is a must have item for all Asian migrants who are used to washing after use of the toiletVery easy to install.water pressure can conveniently adjusted.Anybody including children can use this item without any difficulty.this does not wet the toilet when in use and the toilet can be kept clean.Made of durable plastic and is not an eye sore in the toilet.I seriously recommend this for all Australian toilets including the public toilets


Great Product and easy to install. Also easy to remove if worried about relocating and no expensive costs associated with installation.

I like it so much

It039s amazing and easy to adjustable. Really I like it. Don039t hesitate you can buy it and enjoy.

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