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About Towel Rails, Rings

Adding a heated towel rail in your bathroom is a perfect measure to offer more comfort and warmth after a shower. A heated towel rack can not only give you a toasty warm towel while getting out of a shower but also add more luxury to your bathroom. Whether you want to dry your face or wipe out the water drops on your hands, you’ll need a towel in hand. We’ve prepared a broad electric heated towel rail range at CrazySales, various in sizes and finishes.

Limited space can’t be an excuse for you to give up our bathroom towel rails. We have many small wall-mounted towel options that take up the minimal space of your bathroom. Made of high-quality stainless steel tube, the towel rail can be heated quickly, but the 40°C -50°C temperature won’t hurt for your safety concern. Only some simple installation steps can make it fixed on the wall. Whether you’d like to flatten out the towels on the compact top layer or hang them up on the towel rack, the wall-mounted towel racks can position your towel in a handy spot.

To dry many towels and save space, you can choose our foldable heated towel rails. When it’s unfolded, it can become big heated clothes rack to hold many towels and clothes. When you don’t need to use it, just fold it into a compact panel that’s easily stored away. Say goodbye to all your semi-wet clothes and towels if you get one of the portable heated towel rails. Instead, you’ll get a warm and comfy touch of fabric after every bath. Even in rainy seasons, you can get dry clothing by dropping your semi-wet clothes on the rack and waiting for several hours.

There’s nothing as wonderful as wrapping yourself in a warm towel from head to toe after a bath or a shower. That’s exactly an indulgent feeling brought by a heated towel rack, one of economical and functional Bathroom Accessories. Meanwhile, the proper high temperature can help to get rid of bacteria breeding. And the heat from the towel rail can warm the bathroom as well.

Browse our wide range of heated towel racks to keep your towels and clothes always dry and comfy. There must be one towel warmer to position your towel well and add chic to your bathroom.