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    Genki 8ft Trampoline with 5ft Safety Enclosure

    Genki 8ft Trampoline with 5ft Safety Enclosure
    $199.96 $349.95
    (72 reviews)
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    B-Square Mini Foldable Soft Fitness Trampoline

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    About Trampolines

    Everyone has a special place in their heart for a trampoline. Many fond memories have been made on these all encompassing fun centres and will continue to be made into the future! The trampoline manages to bring together fun, exercise and individuality. Crazy Sales has great deals on trampolines because they are a durable outdoor/indoor play thing which children adore and continue to love into their teens.

    Many adults also love time on the tramp, using it to unwind after a day at work or as part of a home workout routine. Trampolines allow us to do exercise without noticing it; we use our weight to propel ourselves into the air and are rewarded with the amazing feeling of flying. Some people experiment with bouncing techniques and find it a stress relieving activity where they can express themselves.

    Whether you're a gymnast or just like to relax with a bounce, whether you are into rebounding exercise workouts or your kids just love them, Crazy Sales has the trampoline and trampoline cover to suit you.