A real runner won’t stop running for anything, so treadmills appeared in the world. Since then, bad weather, long distance from gym center couldn’t stop any runner’s steps. Running, or jogging, is one of the most effective and cost-efficient way to keep fit. With a treadmill, you’ll gain a new running experience from the comfort of your home or office.

Crazy Sales has a wide selection of  Treadmill for Sale ,home gym equipment, for amateur runners and running enthusiasts. If you worry about the limited space at home, we’ll get you a treadmill with super-compact storage design. Moreover, the multiple speed settings of our treadmill for sale allow you to adjust to your running pace. Running on a treadmill can make you focus on your heart rate, running pace and posture. In a word, a workout isn’t hard anymore when you have a personal treadmill.

While choosing a personal exercise equipment for running at home, the factors you need to consider include:

Exercise Goals

Usually the more multi-functional a sport equipment is, the higher exercise goals they can reach. Having a clear idea about your exercise goal can help to decide your treadmill option. If you only do some daily walking, you don’t need to buy a high-tech treadmill with high prices.

Running Belt

Running belt is very important on a treadmill, since it can truly decides the stability and running experience. Over-weight runners need to choose a treadmill with longer and wider running belts for enough running surface. We have treadmills with various size running belts: 32cm, 36cm, 42cm, 45cm and 48cm. Actually the larger the belt’s size is, the more advanced the treadmill will be, and the price also goes up.

Computer Console Features

Some treadmills can help to get rid of boredom of running by offering some additional functions on computer consoles to distract runners from running. You can watch the data of your running distance and calories burning amount to gain a sense of accomplishment. A treadmill with music player can’t be better if you enjoy running with some rhythms.


Envy the flat bellies and shirtless flawless physiques that seem to be everywhere the minute the weather gets warm? Let Crazy Sales help you join the well-shaped ones with our range of home treadmills.

Treadmill Reviews

5 out of 5 from 259 reviews
Great Value for Money

I am really happy with this item. I was a little sceptical because of the low price but it really is a fantastic product. It is great for walking and running really easy to assemble very little assembly required and very user friendly. The only very small issue I have with this item is that the heart rate monitor very rarely gives a reading. However overall a fantastic product.


I am so happy to have it it is very easyand received it in couple days only.


Like others I was concerned that it may not be as good of qaulity as others as it was such a good price but I was really surprisedIts easy to use and stores away neatly. A great first time treadmill with all the functions you need. It was a pain to set up and wasn039t as easy as others have said more then 2 bolts thats for sure


The treadmill turned up really quick.Was easy to put together and really easy to use.Have had no issues and use it every day to run and walk on

Economical way to get fit

We are really happy with this.Hubby was a bit concerned that we wouldnt get quality for the price but he is really impressed with this treadmill and has been using it every night.Our four kids also love it and it is great to see them getting some exercise esp with it being so chilly outside of lateEasy to use sturdy and looks like it was a lot more expensive than it was.Super-happy with this purchase

Love this machine

Easy to put together. Im female and had no problem. Once folded up after use it dosnt take up much space. Highly recommend this machine.



HPF Super Compact Treadmill

Treadmill is light compact can fold awayGood price does the job which is light walking in my case.Cant complain about delivery as i got the goods 48 hours from placement of orderAll in all - very satisfied customer and would recommend this product

Love it

I love this item it is easy to set up and then put away As someone who is basically house bound I love the fact I can get walking again.

Pleasantly Suprised

I was a little perplexed to start with as it was shorter than my old one but it does what its meant to Easy to set up and get going as well. Im very happy with the treadmill. The different programs are great and allow me to try different ones at different stages. I can really only think of one downside and that is the shortness of the belt. So it wouldnt be great for someone with a long stride.

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