A vacuum sealer is probably the most convenient yet overlooked small kitchen appliance a busy person could own. CrazySales has amazing discounts on the best and cheapest solutions for your food storage needs.

Food vacuum sealers is a device of keeping food fresh by removing the air from a package of food. They allow you to buy food in bulk, seal it with vacuum sealer bags and store it in a fridge. Totally isolated from air and bacteria, the sealed food won't get bad and keep its original flavor.

Vacuum sealers are not only a food saver, but also a time saver for housewives. Food vacuum sealers machine save time and money and are especially helpful for busy mums with small children. Tired of spending all day cooking for Christmas? These machines make it easy to prepare all your meals in one day. Crazy Sales has multiple options of MAXKON vacuum food savers and vacuum sealer bags in all shapes and sizes to allow you to prepare as much of anything you would like. Other MAXKON kitchen appliances also include food dehydrators, air fryers and so on.

If you only use vacuum sealers to process food, you must neglect the function of vacuum sealing. Besides food, there're many other domestic items which need protection from dust and moisture. You can use a vacuum sealer to wrap letters, magazines, and artifacts need avoiding dust and moisture. It'll be much more effective than wrapping them with newspaper or craft paper, because wrapping with paper can't avoid little insects. But if you use a vacuum sealer to suck the air up, when you tear the plastic wrapping after a long time, the items will keep its original appearance as before.

CrazySales can help you save the time to shop for vacuum seal bags or canisters with a wide selection of the items. They all match with our food vacuum sealers on sale. Don't miss our vacuum sealers, as well as your food's freshness and flavor.

Vacuum Sealer Reviews

5 out of 5 from 2819 reviews
Great item

Good suction and does an excellent job. I wold buy another of these.

Great product

What a great product. I have just ordered more of the canisters as they really work so well. The sealer is solid and works as it should. I am very happy with this product.

Excellent buy

We039ve had our sealer for a long time now - it has performed faultlessly. We thought it was faulty after a couple of months till we realised you have to disconnect the tube used for the containers when you return to the rolls.We buy fish and seal it straight away and months later take it out of the freezer and it is as fresh as if we039d just bought it. Same with meat - amazing savings buying in bulk then packing it in the freezer in meal-size amounts.Definitely recommended.

It039s good

G039dayI039ve had one of these for about 6 months now and used it a lot. I like the design and everything works as it should. Thumbs up from mecheersRod

Love it

This is a fantastic machine and so easy to use. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Fantastic Machine

Easy to use. I sealed seldom used foodstuffs in my pantry no more rubber bands and vacuum sealed lots more. Leaves me MORE SPACE in my cupboards and freezer and LESS WASTEA little bulky to leave on bench but I managed to find room for it in a cupboard near easily accessible bench space and power point. Sure to use every few days. Love the storage space for bag rolls- managed to store both rolls. Reseals existing packaging of pasta snack foods efficiently.Big plus is that I can cut the bag to required size using inbuilt cutter. Am considering purchasing the optional canister


As per the last review although this sealer is excellent for small amounts of vacuum sealing the machine will stop removing the air from bags after continual use and you will have to wait for it to cool down to continue. When I say continual it is not much more than 10 bags which in my opinion is not excessive.

This is awesome

We039ve used this to pack and vac ice for the esky a few times and guess what No mess in the water to drain out and no soggy egg cartons We then refreeze the sealed bags and re-use them again and again. That means we don039t buy anywhere near the amount of ice we have in the past.It039s fantastic with meat no mess and it stays frozen much longer. In short WE LOVE IT

Worth its money

I have had mine for a year and a half and use it just about every day in a business.Im about to replace it. As its worn out it lasted a lot longer than more well know brands.Very impressed with Maxkon Vacuum Food Saver.

great product

I live in the bush with a long drive160k to shops so everything must be frozen and now I can freeze things twice as long with no freezer burn also if you vacuum seal greens they last longer and eggs can be vacuum sealed as long as you seal only two at a time and keep them seperated while the vacuum is running. I have the vacuum containers as well so now my biscuits are always fresh and crisp.

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