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About Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum storage bags are invented to triple our home storage space for soft and bulky items, such as Quilts & Comforters, scarves, clothes and so on. Many families choose to buy a larger Wardrobe for the piles of bedroom accessories. Actually they can get a more cost-effective solution, the vacuum storage bags at CrazySales.

How does a Vacuum Storage Bag Work?

As it implies on its name, vacuum storage bags wrap items by isolating them from any air and moisture. Without any air inside the bags, the bulk of an item can become much smaller compared to the conventional storage methods. Then your storage space gets triple for better Home Organization.

The detailed operation steps can be divided as following:

  • Open the plastic storage bag on a flat surface and undo the zip.
  • Fold the materials and put them inside the bag, but don’t overfill any bag.
  • Use the plastic clip to zip along sealing the two plastic zips.
  • Run the clip fully from end to end in both directions, and then to run your hand along the whole length of the zip between finger and thumb to ensure that there’s no tiny section missed.
  • Locate the vacuum-packing cap.
  • Connect the vacuum's hose mechanism to the module.
  • Turn on the vacuuming machine for two minutes.
  • Remove the vacuum hose from the bag, turn off the vacuum and flip closed the vacuum packing cap quickly.

What to Look for While Buying Vacuum Storage Bags?

Vacuum sealing bags come in a wide selection of sizes, and each size is the most suitable for the corresponding volume. Small size vacuum bags are better for travel use to fit the suitcase. Medium ones are ready for seasonal clothes, duvet comforters and so on. Large and extra-large vacuum storage bags let you stack large items like King Size Quilts.

Durability is essential because the vacuum bags are made of plastic, a kind of fragile material. Choose a set of vacuum storage bags with thick plastic and tight zipper seals, so that they won’t be easily worn-out after vacuuming and being stored in Storage Boxes.

Here at CrazySales, we provide you the best vacuum storage bags with the most reasonable price. You can buy them according to different sizes, different colours and different prices. No matter what storage items you want to purchase, you can find your perfect one here!