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    Genki 2nd Whole Body Vibration Machine Plate-Black

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    Genki Vibration Workout Platform Machine Silver

    Genki Vibration Workout Platform Machine Silver
    $169.96 $404.67
    (119 reviews)
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    400W Genki 3D Shake Body Vibration Machine-Two Motor

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    About Vibration Machines

    Vibration machine is becoming more and more popular in Australia. Using a vibration plate can accelerate weight loss, eliminate unwanted fat and train and tone muscles in a fraction of the time required when using traditional training methods. The Genki vibration platform is equipped with a powerful yet quiet motor designed to give you a full body workout in the comfort of your home. It has three kinds of shake modes that help you burn fat faster, including running, jogging and walking. What’s more, Genki exercise vibration machine has 150 levels that can meet all kinds of exercise needs; its power has never been experienced until now! When exercising with a Genki vibrating exercise machine for weight loss, your muscles can work up to an incredible rate of 22 contractions per second! And under 5 times the force of gravity the effect on your body is awesome! You can tone and tighten and burn excess fat - to become lean and strong...You'll get your body back with ease! 

    With a Genki vibration fitness machine, you could enjoy:
    •    Increased flexibility and strength
    •    Tone and lengthen muscles
    •    Relieved tension, relaxing and massaging
    •    Improved blood circulation
    •    Weight loss and body toning

    Whole-body vibration machines were tested by Vladimir Nazarov of the Russian space program to decrease the atrophy effects of long periods spent weightless in space. And it turns out this shaking exercise machine has marvelous effects on weight loss. You can increase muscle tone, strength, circulation and flexibility in ONLY 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week by using it. No wonder more and more people would like to buy one now.
    Come and see Australia's most popular Gym Equipment. Genki Gym Equipment also includes Abdominal Machines, Exercise Bikes, Strength Training Equipment and the most popular, Vibration Machines and more. If you're shopping online in Australia, our range of vibration machines and vibration platforms will get you fitter with less effort and less money! For more information, check out vibration machine reviews here! See the comparison with crazy fit vibration machine and power fit vibration machine.