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Video Games Reviews

5 out of 5 from 38 reviews
Love this

Great controller absolutely love it. I would highly recommend it to anyoneDefinitely worth the buy

Bad quality

Stopped working after two mths dissapponted and was the price of a genuine one.

Love this item

So far Im very happy with this product. The price is not too expensive. Im thinking of ordering another one in the next few months. It was for my husbands birthday and the delivery came just in time.


I bought theses a while back whe my daughter was still living at home and she used the on her computers to play her games that she liked she has since married and had kids of her own and theses great controllers are still going strong with her little ones using them now so if they come crack into store I would highly tecomend them to anyone they have proven the test of time

5.0 out of 5 stars It works great

I purchased a game that came with one set of Ring-con Grips and Leg Strap for the Nintendo Switch and needed an additional set for multiple players. This set was inexpensive and seems to work better than the set that came with the game. I am very happy with the results and would recommend it others.

Easy to use

It is so easy to use for young kids and older adults.

Amazing quality Ring-Con grips

Anyone who is sharing the Ring-Con accessories will know how sweaty and wet those grips can get. These extra gripleg straps are perfect for solving this issue. You no longer have to pass along a sweaty leg strap to the next unfortunate person The strap and grips are really nice quality and feel almost exactly like the real ones. I actually found the leg strap in this set more comfortable than the ones that came with the game. These ones did not poke into my skin and were super comfy

Works great

Works great with my Ring fit adventure game for my Switch I can now get the game Just dance and play it with another person to make it more fun too The leg strap works great and stays on when jumping around. The hand grips work great too

Good feel in your hands responsive buttons and controls

We have been enjoying this with our switch. We prefer this style of controller over the joycons for any of the games we play splatoon 2 smash bros and mario kart. Easy to charge with the included USB C cable it pairs up to the system and you can play in no time at all. The buttons are responsive and it is comfortable to use.

5.0 out of 5 stars This is a very premium feeling controller that works well and

I am very surprised at how well built this controller feels It has a nice weight to it and the thumb sticks feel better than the sticks on the actual Nintendo Switch itself. The D-pad is larger than the one on the Switch lite and is definitely better than the one on the original Switch being that the original Switch only has buttons working as a D-pad. Moves on games like Mortal Kombat 11 are much easier to pull off. Connecting it goes the same way as any other Switch controller does. Perfect size and rubber grips on the handles are a nice touch My kids love it as well this is our favorite controller for the Nintendo Switch.

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