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A wardrobe will organize our clothes making them easy to find. In fact, wardrobe is necessary for us. A good wardrobe can understand your inner world and own reasonable space arrangement. You never waste any of the space in wardrobe to hold clothes or other articles.

Choosing a right wardrobe is very important because right design and high quality can bring us too much living convenience. An organized closet will make for a stress free routine. In these busy days everything goes by so fast, none of us have time to waste. So we need everything and we need it now. Organization will literally make or break you in this front. Be sure to organize everything well, this closet is the first step to success.

Wardrobes Reviews

5 out of 5 from 430 reviews
Storage Wardrobe

I recently brought one of these wardrobes and they are excellent easy to put together light and can hold quite alot of clothes. I would recommend it to anyone.

Way to Go I Love This

We moved recently from a house with built in robes to a house with none. Saw these advertised and bought 6 - who needs expensive cupboards. Quick to put together they hold so much more than I expected them to. Light and easy to move around - they are just great. The quick delivery was also fantastic as we were living out of boxes and bags - we had them in about 4 days - brilliant

Easy assembly bad quality

Assembly of the unit is easy. Overall quality is as expected for an item priced as it is. But 4 out of the 6 bottom brackets which is supposed to house the wheels was BROKEN. And the wheels don039t clip into the black solid-plastic brackets wrong materials used. I had to use a knife to make the holes in the plastic bigger for the wheel to slide in and then glue to make the wheels stick. To say its a bad design is a massive understatement....

Great with suprisingly large storage

This is is system that provides a surprisingly large amount of storage space. I am amazed at how much stuff you can fit into 1 cube.

Great when renting

I found the wardrobe fairly easy to put together - the door magnets are a little hard to get all the way in I used a screwdriver handle to push them in. I dont think each unit would hold 10kgs as advertised - the metal frame might but the plastic shelves themselves would find it a strain I think particularly if you stored heavy items in the middle. All in all though Im very happy with purchase and would buy this again.

Easy lightweight shelves

great temporary shelving that039s easy to store when not in use. You need a bit of strength to make sure its clipped in properly or the doors wont align properly but its actually very sturdy once together.

Excellent Storage

The wardrobe has heaps of storage for its size and weight and the quality is reasonable given the price. Care needs to be taken when putting on the outer cover however as i ripped mine. Of particular note is how well the shelving system works.

Handy item

HI I bought this Non woven Cover Steel Tube Storage Wardrobe for my daughter as she has no cupboards in her room she is renting. This item was easy to build but can not be filled with too much or it will collaps as it did on my daughter. Other than that she is very happy with it and is easy to pull down when she has to move.

DIY Cloth Hanger Organizer

Good product looks lovely when put together. Has lots of space with deep cubby holes. Good for sorting out different types of clothes jumpers jeans t-shirts etc. Very quick delivery.

Storage wardrobe

Product as described took a bit to pit together as has no written instructions but a picture leaflet. Will be great for all my wools and material. Thanks

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