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About Water Filters

Water filters, as an essential small kitchen appliance appear to solve water quality problems for families, since increasing healthy problems had been proved out that water quality is one of the main causes. Especially in urban district without water filtration system, there're limited access to gain clean and purified water. A good water filter can provide people clean water because it filters so many unhealthy elements out. Through water filters' purification, the water getting rid of smell and odor can be tasty and healthy.

How to decide whether a water filter is functional to use? A good water filter must process the following three features: removing a lot of contaminants, taking up less space and having a long lifespan.

Contaminant reduction depends on the filtering stages of water filters. But it doesn't mean the more stages a water filter have, the purer water it can filter. The stages of a water filter you buy, need the water quality of your area as reference. We provide water filters Australia from three to eight stages for your choice. Certainly 3 filtration stages doesn't mean weaker purifying ability. Its advanced filtering system decides that it doesn't need so many stages.

There're two shape designs of water purifiers at CrazySales, a small one installed on taps, and a freestanding cylinder one that needs pouring water into. Which one to choose relies on your personal requirement: small water filters can help you clean tap water anytime; and freestanding filters can be installed on a drinking fountain.

CrazySales offers you water purifiers with excellent performance and humane designs. You have multiple choices on water filters' filtering stages according to the water quality of your home. For a family, 8 stage water filter is necessary if you have concerns about the degree of water purification even after cooking with a kettle. Besides, three-stage, five-stage and seven-stage water filters are available to get direct drinking water when you live in an area with little water pollution problems.