Water filters, as an essential small kitchen appliance appear to solve water quality problems for families, since increasing healthy problems had been proved out that water quality is one of the main causes. Especially in urban district without water filtration system, there're limited access to gain clean and purified water. A good water filter can provide people clean water because it filters so many unhealthy elements out. Through water filters' purification, the water getting rid of smell and odor can be tasty and healthy.

How to decide whether a water filter is functional to use? A good water filter must process the following three features: removing a lot of contaminants, taking up less space and having a long lifespan.

Contaminant reduction depends on the filtering stages of water filters. But it doesn't mean the more stages a water filter have, the purer water it can filter. The stages of a water filter you buy, need the water quality of your area as reference. We provide water filters Australia from three to eight stages for your choice. Certainly 3 filtration stages doesn't mean weaker purifying ability. Its advanced filtering system decides that it doesn't need so many stages.

There're two shape designs of water purifiers at CrazySales, a small one installed on taps, and a freestanding cylinder one that needs pouring water into. Which one to choose relies on your personal requirement: small water filters can help you clean tap water anytime; and freestanding filters can be installed on a drinking fountain.

CrazySales offers you water purifiers with excellent performance and humane designs. You have multiple choices on water filters' filtering stages according to the water quality of your home. For a family, 8 stage water filter is necessary if you have concerns about the degree of water purification even after cooking with a kettle. Besides, three-stage, five-stage and seven-stage water filters are available to get direct drinking water when you live in an area with little water pollution problems.

Water Filters Reviews

5 out of 5 from 1134 reviews
Excellent 8 Stage 16L Water Filter

Firstly the 16L 8 Stage Water Filter is easy to assemble and keep clean. The base is rather large though about 30cm diameter so you will need to allocate some space in your kitchen for this item.The 8 stage filter does a great job filtering both tank and town water.With a total capacity of 16L if you keep it topped up you will always have plenty of clean water to drink put in your kettle or for cooking.The tap is a little clumsy but you get used it.With the 2 spare filters good for 6 months or 5000L each this water filter system is great value when compared to similar products.Note For best performance soak the filter before use to reduce air bubbles.My only regret is that we didn039t get one sooner -

Great Water Filter

This is a great filter at a brilliant price. Easy to put together and the quality is excellent. Make sure when you soak the filter and ceramic componant to fully submerge the ceramic part for about an hour so it gets rid of air bubbles otherwise it will filter very slowly. The water tastes amazing and you just want to drink it YUM Great price and great delivery with crazy sales

Great Purchase

Very happy with this product. The water tastes so much better and very easy to install. The instructions are quite vague and be prepared for the water to drip through very slowly but filling up overnight seems to solve the problem of time. My only advice is to soak the filter in a bucket of warm water for about an hournot 30 mins as suggested and then shake it in the water to get the air bubbles out. Looks good on the bench and easy for everyone to use.


This is a fantastic item The product arrived promptly and well packaged. The instructions were clear and the pump easy to set up. well worth the money and The best dollars ever spent. This product represents excellent value and very fast delivery. Awesome. A thank you so much excellent people to deal with highly recommend

great investment

I ordered this product because I drink a lot of water but I don039t like tap water so this was a great investment for me.

Its worth buying and value for money

Its a natural way of filtering waterbest thing is it doesn039t need electricity. Its easy to assemble and make sure the filters are soaked properly.the bottom filter has be to flushed with water until it filters clean and clear water.Make sure the first filter water should be you are ready to drink water Voila

Ill drink all day now.

I now have tasty sweet water to drink as I want. It reminded me of the rain water I drank as a child before we had to have

Good Unit

Whilst it takes a long time to filter the water the end result is very good.

So far so good

Put the water filter together today....soaked filters as instructed....waited for the first water to filter...and waiting for fresh filtered water to all good so far....easy to follow instructions....looks great on the bench top....a little light weight though....young childen maybe able to bump it over... Giving it a go and see how wonderful it is going to be....

great item

as soon as I received this item I put it all together and put water in. as soon as some come through the filter I tried it I think tastes sweet an clean. Im very happy with the unit and Im saving money.

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