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Shop electric water pumps, submersible pumps and solar water pumps at CrazySales for all of your gardening needs. Find a fantastic water pump that can help you pump a large amount of water in no time! It will be an ideal unit for dependable continuous operation such as pool pumping, increasing the water pressure in the pipe, garden sprinkling, irrigation, cleaning and garden applications etc. Compact design with mountable feet, water pumps we provided here are economical, reliable, safe and easy to operate. Designed to drain standing water from any enclosed environment, our water pumps are ideal for flooded basements, farm use, and typical residential or commercial water transfer applications. What's more, some of them also include a garden hose adapter for your convenience. With the addition of an optional float switch, our pumps can also be used as a sump pump. We carry rain harvesting pumps to complement our extensive water tank range and submersible pumps for drainage, dewatering and other applications. With leading brands including Shogun, Dualpower and more, take advantage of our cheap renewable types of pumps water pumps for added household savings today!

Submersible pumps

They (also known as storm water pumps, sewage pumps) are widely used across building services, commercial, domestic and rainwater re-use applications. There is a wide selection available for different applications including low flow, high flow, low head (pressure) or high head. Submersible pumps are suitable for moving subsoil water, storm water, sewage, grey water, chemicals and food stuffs, by working with different designs for multiple applications, which include closed impellers, vortex impellers, cutter, or grinder pumps and more.

Solar Water Pump

Create your own water display with our solar water pump. Our Solar Pumps are designed for indoor or outdoor fountain use. Powered by a solar panel, it will give you reliable operation, saving you time and money spent replacing and maintaining underground wires. Operation is simple! Just place the solar panel in the sun before putting the pump in your fountain and enjoy the soothing sound of water. Tubing can be attached to the pump to raise the water above the surface of your container for something such as a waterfall.

Electric Water Pump

We provide electric water pump here for you to pump a large amount of water in no time! It is an ideal unit for dependable continuous operation such as pool pumping, increasing the water pressure in the pipe, garden sprinkling, irrigation, cleaning and garden applications etc. Compact design with mountable feet, our water pump is economical, reliable, safe and easy to operate. Its automatic switch use a pressure sensor and will turn off the pump when the tap is turned off. When you turn the tap on the switch senses the drop-in pressure and the pump automatically switches on.


Water Pumps Reviews

5 out of 5 from 1211 reviews
Surprisingly good

After looking at various pumps and prices I found this one and wasn039t expecting much from it considering it was nearly 110th the price of the next size up that I was looking at getting. I figured I would try it out for watering the vegetable garden because it039s not much money to lose if it doesn039t work and I can easily join 2 or three together to get extra pressure. I was able to get it to throw about a 4m radius from a standard garden impact sprinkler. I have it hooked up to a 7m long 1quot diameter suction hose I039ve heard that each metre of suction hose removes 3m from the head height then through 40m of 2quot polypipe then 20m of 1.5quot polypipe and then through 20m of standard garden hose with an overall head height of around 8 to 10m. The 2quot and 1.5quot lines are overkill for this little pump but I had them lying around. With this set up I measured the power consumption at 300 watts slightly down from the 370 watt rating which works out good because less power equals less running costs and smaller cheaper cable to keep the voltage drop within the Australian Standard limit.One main point I found is to use teflon tape on the suction inlet connector because if it sucks in even a small amount of air it can stop it pumping or reduce the pressure.There039s a small threaded valve next to the outlet line which I guess is for priming the pump filling the pump chamber with water and removing all the air. You could probably connect a hand-operated suction pump to this valve port but I just pour about 40L of water into the pipe through a tapin saddle from up the hill and then open the valve to let the air out. As with any pump if you don039t get the air out it won039t pump properly if at all. If the water source is above the pump like a tank then you should be able to prime the pump by just loosening the valve.The intake and outlet connectors are normal BSP thread so most places that have polypipe fittings have the connectors needed.So far I039m impressed by this little pump. Like most pumps the max head height is exagerated with all pumps you only get a small trickle of water with zero pressure at the max head values but these pumps are so cheap it039s easy to just add another one into the pipeline to increase the head height and flow rate. Hell add half a dozen and they still work out cheap.

Stated flow rate in ltmin

What an incredible little pump I wasn039t sure if the 3.1 ltsmin would be enough for my Hot House sprinkler systen but figured I039d give it a go because it only would mean an extra couple of minutes running to do the job.THE STATED FLOW RATE IS AT 70 PSI ----------------OPEN FLOW RATE IS MUCH HIGHER. will easily operate up to 10 spray heads on 12mm poly line.inlet outlet need to have PVC sleve to allow for 12mm poly pipe and it would be advisable to fit a filter at the inlet.Have also purchased the 17ltmin with filter same listing page and likewise flow rate given is at 40PSI this baby pumps like a garden tapBoth pumps have a pressure switch built into the base removing the cover one can reduce the cut off pressure simply by unscrewing the spring pressure setting screw.So you can avoid blowing joiners apart.

works bloody well

bought it to pump the septicpumped it weekly for eight months till it was repaired started straight away every time and still going strong now

great for the price

pump works as good as the expensive ones if not better for a fraction of the price

recommended but with reservations

My pump was delivered quickly and well packed. The included instruction manual was for a concrete spreader not a water pump. This pump should only be considered as 039transfer pump039 not a 039pressure039 pump.Once filled with oil and petrol the motor started easily and ran sweetly. Once correctly primed the pump moved a lot of water but when attempting to lift water 26 metres up a hill through a 1.5quot dia poly pipe the alloy pump housing cracked at the webbing after only about 10 minutes operation.

best value in oz

Product review from Len Horrocks Port Broughton South AustraliaHi there Crazy Sales TeamI just received my QB60 Clean Water Pump from you guys.16212I have tested in in my system and it works beautifully.There is plenty enough pressure and she is so quiet in operation.I have three standpipe taps around my house each having a bank of in-line taps supplying irrigation water to several driplines around the property.I have a rainwater tank at each end of the house which i have interconnected so that i can water from either tank to all or any of the individual driplines.I have been using an old secondhand Davey pump which is still going strongbut had to carry it from one tank to the other. So I thought let039s get a second pump and have one on each tank permanently.Well the cheapest i could find at that size was in the local Thriftylink hardware store at 171.00I got online and after looking at Onga and Davey etc. came to CrazySales. When I saw the price I was very wary because it is so inexpensive by comparison but the reviews swayed me and so I bought one. I contacted my youngest boy who has a similar need so I suggested he go to your site and get hold of a couple for his system.Hope this review helps with your saleRegards Len Horrocks20th Feb. 2012

Nice water pump

Works as advertised. Love it and would recommend to others.

Excellent quality

Product was well packed fast delivery and worked well on it039s first run out of the box.Highly recommended

great pump

I brought one of these pumps three years ago and have pumped 4 thousand litres of dam water a day last month a seal went which is the first problem I have had with it so I am buying a new one they start first time every time and are stronger than my honda firepump which only starts when it wants and costs a fortune to fix buying one of these is cheaper than fixing the honda and they run better.

not to good at first

As I said NOT TO GOOD AT FIRST. put the chainsaw on first and went to try it. first started the machine and it started ok. Went to turn it off AND IT KEPT RIGHT ON RUNNING. kill switch didn039t work. was stumped at first then pulled the plug wire.Then got the chain working and noticed the chain remained dryno oil checked the feeder screw and set it to maximum. Still no oil. pulled it apart and fiddled with it couldn039t find anything wrong got it going again and presto. there was oil.Still not enough for my liking but at least the chain was lubricated a bit.Started working with it AND ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT done everything i was hoping for. Has high compression and is hard to hold while starting. should have foot pad and or compression button

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