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About Weather Stations

Crazy Sales is making weather prediction an exact science with a great range of weather meters! The weather man gets it wrong half the time and people end up either getting caught in the rain without an umbrella or going for a bush walk in terrible conditions. It is your right to know the weather and the home weather stations on offer at Crazy Sales will give you consistently accurate readings to keep you in the know! Rainfall information, wind speed, temperature, humidity, air pressure as well as indoor variables are measured and displayed on a handy LCD screen inside your home and are transmitted straight to your PC wirelessly.

A wireless weather station allows you to move the anemometer (a sensor to measure wind speed), hygrometer (a sensor to measure humidity), thermometer (a sensor to measure temperature) and barometer (a sensor to measure atmospheric pressure) and wind vane (to measure wind direction) to the roof or the most practical place on your property while keeping the display screen wherever you want.

Make sure you have the best possible conditions for your next fishing trip with a digital weather station. They're also a great way to teach children about the science of meteorology. Models either use widely available AA batteries or are solar powered and very economical, using all that free energy from that bright hot sun. Don't be the only one at your cancelled cricket match know how the weather will turn out! Be prepared for all outdoor activities and events with a handy weather meter!