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About Weed Sprayer

Do you want to effortlessly get rid of weed single handedly without heavy manual labor? Our amazing sprayer is what you need! You will never find a weed sprayer like this on the market! Complete with all the tools to get rid of those pesky weeds this is the perfect tool for you. With its massive capacity you can cover more grounds and lessen laborious work of backpack pump action.

Weed sprayer we provided here is the best mate of your gardening. The sprayer pump is powered by internal battery to provide mobile usage. The long lasting built-in pump can generate more than traditional ones which means you can spray further with less liquid waste. Also it features self-priming pump to give you full control of the spray in your hand. Featuring an internal pump with two different nozzles, it is perfect for spraying herbicides, pesticides and fertilizes plants. Also includes ergonomic straps with quick lock, large filling hole with integrated filter and waterproof power switch.

Our weed sprayer is ideal for the homeowner, landscape and turf professional and it's easy filling and cleaning. It provides compatibility with fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides. Here you can get all kinds of weed sprayers in different designs and sizes. Big discount and unique design are the reason you choose us. Place order now, you can get a big discount.