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About Winches & Hoists

Helping you lift heavy loads when you need to get the job done, winches and hoists are essential tools to have in the garage, on the construction site and on your gardening job. With a huge range of electric winch, chain hoist, electric hoist, hand winch, boat winch and more, CrazySales has a solution for all your heavy lifting and transport needs. As a specialist supplier, CrazySales stocks Australian leading brands of hoists and winches.

Our range of chain hoists features super strength alloy loadchain, lightweight robust construction, fully enclosed gear train and these hoists require minimum headroom. CrazySales also sells electric rope hoists – ideal for use on construction and building sites. They are also handy in factories and storage spaces. High quality components in our anchor and electric winches deliver reliable performance and long lasting service. Electric anchor winches are designed to offer maximum environmental resistance and are available in single phase and three phase models suitable for many hoisting and pulling operations.

For serious heavy lifting jobs, there is the Heavy Duty Electric ATV Winch with Remote Control - 2000LBS/907KG which has a capacity of 2000lbs(907kgs) single line. This model is particularly useful in environments where flammable goods are being transported. It is one of the most cost effective ways of lifting heavy goods above or below ground and is known as one of the safest chain hoists in the industry. Our smaller winches, like hand winches, are ideal for installation in small trucks and utilities to eliminate the need for manual lifting. Electrically-driven anchor handling/towing winches ensure safe operations, easy maintenance, and combine improved operability with a low environmental impact, reduced power consumption and low installation costs. Our high capacity electric hoist models feature space saving design with time proven, rugged and reliable construction and variable power sources to meet the most demanding industrial applications.

CrazySales meets all your hoist and winch needs, from hand winches to drywall hoists. When you are handling heavy and expensive gear like an engine, you can count on it. Our electric winches can lift up to 907kgs and pull much more! Need a reliable right hand man to get all that drywall up? Adjustable accurate gyprock lifting hoists and more are available right now! All you need to do is check out CrazySales' range of lifting equipment.