Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

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Q1. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal (Visa, Master card and bank account), and BPAY. Both of these payment methods are user-friendly, highly secured and extremely efficient.

Q2. How does Paypal work?

Please visit How does Paypal works?

Q3. How does BPAY work?

Please visit How does BPAY works?

Q4. Can I pay with my bank card or credit card?

Yes, you can pay by using your bank card or credit card via Paypal.

Q5. Can I pay by money order, bank cheque or direct deposit?

We do not accept money order, cheque or direct deposit, as these payment methods will slow down our dispatch time and ultimately, the time to deliver your item will be prolonged.

Q6. How long do I have until I have to pay for my order?

You will need to make payment for your order in 2 days.

Q7. Do your prices include GST?

Yes, all our prices are GST included.
(Ships from and sold by not Include GST)

Q8. What happens if I do not have a credit card?

You can pay by BPAY, it will allow you to pay from your bank account via phone banking or Internet banking service. Please visit How does BPAY work?

Q9. Is your site safe for credit card usage? uses advanced encryption and state-of-the-art SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) so you can be assured that your information will be protected from any unauthorised usage. You can also be assured that your confidential information will remain confidential.

Q10. There is a coupon code field in the checkout page, what is it and how can I get one?

From time to time we will run certain promotions where we will send coupon code to our members. These are usually a certain dollar value, a percentage off the order or free shipping. Would you like to receive a coupon code? Please subscribe to our newsletter now!

Q11. Is Lay-by available?

Sorry, we do not provide Lay-by service .

Q12. How long does it take to confirm my payment?

If you pay by Paypal immediate payment (credit card option), we will be able to confirm your payment immediately and we will dispatch your order within 1 business day. If you pay by BPAY before 6:00pm, we will be able to confirm your payment on the next business day.

Q13. Where can I change my payment method?

Simply log into your account, click on “My Account”->“Order History”. All of your previous orders will be displayed. Then click the order ID you want to change and click the "Change your payment method" button.

Q14. What is a CSC Code?

The Card Security Code (CSC), sometimes called Card Verification Value or Code (CVV or CVC), is a security feature for credit or debit card transactions, giving increased protection against credit card fraud.

There are actually two security codes:
1. The first code, called CVC1 or CVV1,is encoded on the magnetic strip of the card and used for transactions in person.

2. The second code, and the most cited, is CVV2 or CVC2. This CSC (also known as a CCID or Credit Card ID) is often asked for by merchants for them to secure "card not present" transactions occurring over the Internet, by mail, fax or over the phone. In many countries in Western Europe, due to increased attempts at card fraud, it is now mandatory to provide this code when the cardholder is not present in person.

This latter CSC should not be confused with the standard card account number appearing in embossed or printed digits. (The standard card number undergoes a separate validation algorithm called the Luhn algorithm which serves to determine whether a given card's number is appropriate.)