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About Bathroom Accessories

Organise and DIY your bathroom with our stylish bathroom accessories. We offer an abundant selection of decoration products such as Adhesive Mirror Tiles, matching soap dispensers & dishes, tooth brush holders, shower curtains and more. Practical bathroom supplies are the most popular among them such as shower stools, shower chairs with a back, shower drains and electric toothbrushes!

Bring your bathroom to life with a set of self-adhesive mirror tiles! No need to drill or use glue, simply stick them to any patterns you like according to your imagination and creativity. Most importantly, they can be cut into different interesting shapes so that you could put them in the bathroom, bedroom, office or anywhere there’s smooth surface. Adhesive mirror tiles also keep your children safe from shattered mirrors.

If you need to choose a “must-have” bathroom item for those suffering from mobility issue or expectant mothers and the elderly, a shower stool is what you can’t miss. As studies show that a large percentage of household related accidents happen in the bathroom, a shower chair is a great way to ward off potential bathroom spills, slips and mishaps. We have shower chairs with a 360-degree spin and different height adjustable seat levels, it’s great for all body sizes and can be counted on to improve your bathing experience. You could also choose a shower chair with a back for a better comfort.

From handy bathroom storage solutions to beautiful mirrors, discover our range of bathroom accessories to suit your personal needs and style. Real beauty goes beyond looks, and that’s what our bathroom accessories are all about. You’ll find a wide range of bathroom accessories including electric toothbrushes, toothpaste dispensers, shower curtains, shower stools, mirrors and more. Our range of bathroom accessories are available in classic and new styles with new products are released each year to keep your bathroom looking fresh and up to date. Coordinate your bathroom accessories with our famous bath towels and bath mats for a full bathroom refresh. It’s like a bathroom warehouse online here.