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About Bird Stands

Bird stands are an important accessory that helps keep your parrots or parakeets healthy and happy. They not only create a great spot where your pet birds can stand but also climb, rub, chew, clean their beaks and observe their environment. Birds stands also create a great environment to encourage your birds to exercise for better health and well-being. It’s essential that you have the right kind of stands or perches for the species of birds that you’re keeping.

Birds living in the wild can perch on different types of tree branches to strengthen their feet and leg muscles, while our domestic birds don’t have the same opportunities to do that in their cages. As pet parents, it’s our responsibility to provide our feathery friends with the best stands or perches to make them comfortable at all times.

Perches made of wooden materials like manzanita or natural wood are your best option because they are what your bird would be used in nature and come with various lengths and diameters, enabling your birds to distribute pressure to different areas on the bottom of their feet. Rope perches are another option for your pet birds when deciding where to perch. They are soft and allow you to create lots of fun shapes to attract your birds to walk around on and help soothe your birds’ feet, relieve pressures on joints, and promote long-term physical and emotional health.

At our website, you’ll find bird stands or perches available in various styles, shapes and sizes that are made to fit your intended needs and your space. Our bird stands are built with high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship and are stylish to complement your bird cages. The hanging bird cage stands made of durable iron tubes allow you to display your bird cage proudly indoors and outdoors and give your birds a great view of their surrounding environment.

Whether you want to improve your birds’ view or renovate their home, we’ve got you covered. Browse through our complete collection of bird cage stands and play stands as well as cages, covers, toys and decorations and shop for your feathery friends without hesitation.