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About Chicken Fence

Chicken fences are an economical alternative to chicken coops to give your beloved flock ample space to roam comfortably, keep them safe from predators like foxes, snakes and others who want your birds for dinner and prevent them from wandering and damaging your precious vegetable patch or your neighbours’ lawn and garden.

The most commonly-used chicken fences are poultry nettings, electric fences, and chicken wires and others like safety fences, chainlink fences, and hardware clothes. The poultry nettings made of durable plastic materials are an affordable way of protecting your chickens during the day. They are lightweight and easy to cut to work well with different situations. To keep the larger predators away from your chickens, you should consider an electric fence that is stronger than a poultry netting but expensive to install and maintain. Chicken wires are strong and resistant to wear which are great options to separate your run or yard and keep your flock away from your garden and out of your planted areas.

If you’re looking for something affordable, consider our plastic-made poultry nettings that are reliable and have no sharp edges to harm you or your chickens. These poultry nettings are constructed from PE materials and all-purpose types of mesh nettings, great and durable for keeping predators away from your chickens. Coming in different sizes, you have lots of options to choose from to create small or large areas for your flocks like roosters, hens, ducks or geese. Moreover, these poultry nettings are flexible and easy to set up in a variety of enclosures, like circles, triangles or rectangular with high-quality posts and security locks.

For more sturdy and durable fencing ideas, we recommend the chicken wires that are manufactured from premium steel with rust-resistant PVC coating. They are strong and reliable for a wide array of purposes, such as building poultry enclosures, plant-protective barriers and decorative supports. Bet that you don’t want your chickens destroying your vegetables in one day.

Choose our poultry nettings in various sizes and buy the best one you can afford for your chicken coop, run or your garden. Enjoy great savings on other chicken accessories like feeders and toys for healthier and happier hens.