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About Ice Makers

Supplement your home bar or be prepared for special occasions with a handy ice maker! We have a comprehensive selection of ice maker, ice maker machine, freezer, ice block maker, commercial ice machine, kitchen appliances and more. Commercial ice machine is ideal for busy catering establishments such as self-service restaurants, while an ordinary ice maker machine will be perfect to have one at home. Ice makers for sale here are competitive at prices as well as in high quality.

If you're in the market for cool drinks all year round, check out our popular icemaker! Our portable ice maker will keep you cool all year round, wherever you need ice! With an ice making machine, it's easy to host parties or keep friends comfortable with ice cold drinks at any time. We also have a Commercial Ice Cube Maker that can produce crystalline square shaped ice cubes, and its steel internal construction will ensure this machine has a long service life. There's an easy access door which slides up and out of the way making it easy for you to easily scoop out large amounts of ice. It's great for restaurant as well as home, bars, BBQ and parties! With the LED display, you'll always know where your ice maker is in its cycle. Stay cool year-round when you order this new Commercial Ice Cube Maker today!

You can also keep stock cold using our under-bar refrigeration and freezers. We have a comprehensive selection of commercial ice machines, ice makers, and ice crushers, ideal for busy catering establishments such as self-service restaurants, hotels, bars and tourist attractions where a large amount of ice is needed for drinks and displays. A fantastic little ice maker is also ideal for home. It sits nicely on the kitchen bench and because of its stylish stainless steel exterior looks like it belongs there. What’s more, it is reliable and quiet. You will never run out of ice once you get it even in a BBQ with friends where it will be put through its paces. It is also simple to set up and very easy to operate. Read our ice maker buying guide and choose a right ice maker here, you will never regret it.