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About Pet Grooming Supplies

Pet grooming is a process for groomers to keep pets hygienic and healthy as well as stimulate human closer to our lovely pets. At Crazysales, there are many discounted pet supplies plus grooming, including dog grooming supplies, pet grooming tools for cats, and so on. Here you could look for pet grooming kits with different functions and designs suitable for your demand and budget.

Dog grooming table is designed as a part of grooming and used by groomers most. Here top-quality foldable pet grooming table is perfect for both indoors and outdoors, portable and convenient to carry or store away, especially good to save the space. Either the iron frame or the stainless-steel material are easy to clean, scratch resistant, durable and strong, ensuring pets stability to make grooming smooth and efficient. The tables are fit for all sized pets and enough to place other grooming things on. What is more, the adjustable height perfectly makes your pet stay in a proper position while grooming.

Dog clippers is for all-round trimming job for hair dressers. Dog grooming scissors with interchangeable cutting head or detachable blade could be reused partly and unnecessary to change or alter the whole set of clippers. The stable and quiet operation could reduce noise near pet’s ears to relieve their discomfort and stop avoidable accidents happening. For professional cordless dog grooming kit, the built-in battery equipment ensures flexibility and maneuverability. Besides, we also offer hair clippers for sheep, goats or other pets to the highest standard.

Cyclone dog hair dryer with improved air flow system and a smaller slow friction force is designed with a heating function to ensure pets comfort for the entire bath time regimen. Pet fur dryer with adjustable wind speed and temperature is lightweight and easy to use, perfect for dog grooming at home or even commercially. If you want your little pet safety and unlost on the way to the specific grooming service center, we have multiple dog crates to choose to meet your need. If you have questions about the above referred products, feel free to contact us.