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About Power Station

Since the prototypes appeared, portable power stations have made huge strides toward reducing the need for fuel-powered generators. As a rechargeable battery-powered generator, a portable power station is equipped with multiple charging ports like AC outlets, USB ports, DC ports, etc. to keep all your gear charged. From smartphones, iPads, to cameras, TV, DVDs, lamp, and appliance like mini-refrigerators. And if you are looking for the best power station, you have come to the right place. Crazysales is abundant with a wide range of mobile power stations. Whatever you want, for outdoor camping or indoor power shortage, there should be something for you. Browse our eclectic selection of portable power stations online at Crazysales to get the best deals.


Featuring a lightweight and compact design, the 87000mAh Portable Generator Power Station Solar Battery Charger is perfect for picnics, camping, and car travels. It comes with three USB ports and one USB-C port that can automatically identify and charge devices, great for phone, iPad, GPS, mp3, cameras, etc. And one 240v AC Port (peak 300W) that is suitable for your laptop, TV, DVD, lamp, fans, etc. Moreover, four 9-12.6V/10A (15A Max) DC Ports for car powered devices under 300W, such as car vacuum cleaners, car air fans, etc. There are three ways to recharge this portable power station, home charger, car cigarette socket, and solar panels. With short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over-power protection, low-voltage protection, and over-temperature protection, this portable generator ensures safety when in use.


With a battery capacity of 72800mAh, the Portable 72800mAh 150W Solar Generator Power Station is useful for many blackout situations or power shortages. It features multiple types of output ports including USB ports, USB-C port, 240 AC port and 12V DC port, which can supply power to a wide range of digital devices or equipment. An advanced LCD shows accurate information about the power consumption status. The built-in LED flashlights with three modes are designed for camp, outdoor illumination, and warming light as well.


The 114000mAh Multifunctional Portable Generator Power Station will give you peace of mind on the go with a stable and continuous power supply. This power station stands out for its wireless charging design, which complements its functionality. With a large battery capacity of 114000mAh, this mobile charger is powerful enough to charge smartphones, lamps, laptops, tablets, mini-refrigerators and more.


Crazysales offers not only the best portable power station for you but also the highest quality and superior customer service, which will upgrade your online purchasing experience.