Safe Online Shopping With Secure Payment

Online shopping in Australia is safer at! We've safely completed over 1,000,000 transactions with over 500,000 satisfied customers.

We use extremely safe 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) HTTPS encryption to protect all the information you enter on our website from prying eyes. We use an industry-trusted solution of McAfee SECURE software and RapidSSL certificates to make absolutely sure that you'll shop with total peace of mind.

We never store credit card information. In fact, we don't even require it: we also happily accept payment by means of PayPal and BPAY. Whatever your level of concern about transaction safety, CrazySales has got you covered.

We abide by the standards of the Australian government's National Privacy Principles for the Fair Handling of Personal Information, and we never ask for more information than we require to complete your transaction.

We hope you'll enjoy safe online shopping in Australia with CrazySales!

Online Shopping Safety Tips

While we do everything possible on our side to ensure that your information is secure, there's no reason not to take precautions of your own. Even the world's best security can't protect you if you carelessly tell somebody else your password!

• Always make your password hard to guess.

Always mix numbers, symbols and letters in upper and lower case. Never create passwords that are easy to guess from your name or date of birth.

• Never store your password anywhere.

The only place information is truly safe is in your head.

• Don't shop online using unsecured Wi-Fi connections.

While your connection to our website is secure, your own laptop may not be. Prevent identity thieves grabbing any personal information by avoiding the open Wi-Fi networks found in public places.

• Never give anyone unnecessary personal details.

The more information you give out, the easier it is to impersonate you.

• Keep your computer security up to date.

Running your computer without a firewall and antivirus software means you could be unwittingly sending everything you type to a third party, including your address, credit card number and verification codes. Be sure to regularly update your Browser

• Be careful of entering your details into a non-secure website.

When shopping online, look at the website address (URL). If it doesn't begin with "https" (HTTP Secure), then the information you enter is not being encrypted between your computer and the site, and it might be stolen. All your shopping at CrazySales is done using an HTTPS connection and is secure behind 128-bit SSL encryption.