Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

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Q1. How do I get answers to specific product questions?

We are given all the technical specifications by our suppliers and we endeavour to list as much information as possible to help you make your purchase decision. Although our in-house team are keen followers of electronics, IT & consumer goods, we may not always have the expertise to answer very detailed and technical questions we get asked by our buyers. If we do have the information you required , we will respond as soon as possible. Otherwise, may we suggest websites that provide technical information on a wide range of products which will better assist your purchase decision. You may try

Q2. What should I do if I found the item received is not exactly what was described when I placed the order ?

We apologise for the incorrect product description provided when you made your purchase, please contact us with your order number. We will resolve this mistake as soon as possible.

Q3. Why are your prices so low? can offer prices substantially lower than you would pay in a retail outlet because we:

  • source our products directly from manufacturers around the world;
  • purchase in shipments much larger than most retailers to obtain a better price;
  • do not involve or rely on any intermediaries to source our products;
  • Sell on the Internet only which eliminates expensive retail costs.

Q4. Can I physically see an item before I purchase it?

Unfortunately, as CrazySales strives to provide its customers with the lowest prices possible, we are essentially an online store and do not have the capabilities to display products. All of our products are pre-packaged from our suppliers straight to our warehouse, ready to be shipped to you! We will continue to provide highly detailed descriptions, photos and information on all of the items we sell and if you can't find what you're looking for there, just contact our fantastic customer service team who will happily help find the information you're looking for!

Q5. Can you reserve an item for me?

Due to stock turnover and nature of business, our products are sold on a first order - first sold basis. You may place an order for the item you wish to purchase first and make your payment within 2 days.

Q6. What are Parallel Imports?

Parallel Imports are a legitimate means to bring authentic products at bargain prices for our customers. They simply refer to products that have been sourced directly from the manufacturer overseas or from a reseller. The quality of parallel imports is identical to retail products except that they have limited warranty but provide cheaper prices for the customer. These items are brand new and come with all the accessories that you would expect to purchase from a retail store, without the big retail price!

For more information on Parallel Import warranty, please click here.

Q7. How to Find a PID

  • Go to item page;
  • PID number is located at the middle section right under photo Gallery.

Method B (for customers who have already placed and order):

  • Log in "My Account"
    (To log in, please go to:
  • After logging in, click "View Orders" from the drop-down under "My Account" which is located at the upper left corner of the page;
  • Go to "Order History", and click SHOW ALL. Once you have confirmed which order you are referring the PID number is shown under "Products Ordered" column.