Best Ice Makers Review 2018 - Buy a Portable Ice Maker Suitable for Yourself


Last updated: 23rd November 2017

Have you ever imagined when the party is going well, all guests are getting a chilled drink in their hands and clearly having a fun time, but at this time you found you are out of ice? Of course, it is the fly in the ointment and you do not want your guests to stink with warm drinks. Hence you need an ice maker saving you from this kind of embarrassed instances. There are ice makers with many different configurations and styles, and this review helps you find the best ice maker for kitchen, office, bar or other important occasions.


What is Ice Maker?


Ice makers are appliances producing ice by pouring water into the reservoir and then turning them on. Unlike traditional means of freezing, ice machines can produce good quality ice quickly and effectively without absorbing unpleasant food odor when being placed next to food stored in the freezer or refrigerator. Ice makers for sale vary significantly in quality, price, the amount of ice they can produce in a certain time, and the type of ice they can make, which are divided into domestic ice makers, commercial ice makers and industrial ice makers.



Why buy an Ice Maker?


Ice is an indispensable item in our daily life from home kitchens to business services, in particular during hot summers. With ice, your favorite beverages or beer become chilled or in some forms such as iced teas, milk shakes or anything else as you like, or your food can be laid out and kept cold when you are entertaining on a hot day or evening. Most ice makers are portable, small-sized and easy to store away. Portable ice makers are popular and are widely applied to home use, entertaining, offices and some small businesses. There are a couple of advantages of this kind of ice maker. It can produce much more ice than ice trays in a shorter time, saving you lots of time and energy, you do not have to wait too long to prepare much ice, especially in a party, ceremony, bar, camping or at business service spots. Besides, they are extreme convenience for use whenever and wherever, and also occupy little space, appropriate to sit on the countertop and stored in a kitchen cupboard when not in use.



How to Choose a Portable Ice Maker?


Before purchasing a portable ice maker, you should take into a few factors into consideration, such as the size and capacity of the ice maker, shape and size of ice cube, production speed and capability, as well as durability.


Capacity and Volume

This is the first and basic aspect you need to think about while browsing your options. It will determine how much ice you can have on hand at any given time. All portable ice makers hold a certain amount of ice at a time and are available in various sizes. Smaller machines make around 24 pounds of ice per day while bigger makers can produce over 35 pounds in a day. If you simply want to have a maker for home-use or entertaining, they are more than enough for an average family.


Production Speed

In addition to figuring out the amount of ice your machine can hold, then you need to make sure the maker will produce ice quickly enough for you, that is, you need to know how fast and how many times will you need ice in a given time. The cycle time of an individual batch of ice usually ranges from 6 to 15 minutes. If you want to be confident that your party goes great and guests will never wait for a refill, the higher production speed the better you will be.


Type and Size of Ice Cube

There are several different shapes of ice cubes ice makers are capable of creating, such as bullet-shaped ice, crushed ice, cylindrical-shape ice and so on. And the size of ice cubes for selection varies from S to L depending on yourself. Some ice cube makers only produce one type of cube while other have up to 2 or 3 different sizes and shapes.



Freezing is a hard work, which suggests you need to choose an ice maker fridge made of sturdy and durable materials. As such, you can be likely to buy a high-quality maker that can be used for a longer time safely and smoothly.



Top Portable Ice Makers at CrazySales


Silver 3.2L Home Ice Maker

This ice maker with cycle time of 6-15 minutes, can make 67 cubes in an hour, up to about 35 pounds of ice in a day. It is compact and portable, featuring a full ice basket and water deficiency alarm with display. With 3 different sizes of bullet-shaped ice cubes for selection, you can satisfy all the needs of your guests, friends and family. In addition, it owns 12-month Australian Warranty.


Silver 3.2L Home Ice Maker



Portable Ice Maker 2L-Silver

It is amazingly fast that this machine can make approximately 33 pounds ice per day. With 12 evaporator spikes, you will get 12 cubes every 9 minutes. The greatest advantage is the quiet operation, as well as automatic shutoff when water is low or ice is full.


Silver 2L Portable Ice Maker


2.4L Portable Ice Maker Easy Sizes S/L with LED Display

This machine equipping with 750g ice container and a modern LED control panel, will automatically make ice up to around 26 pounds of ice, and allows you to control the sizes of the ice. Transparent window lid allows you to see the progress of the ice making. There is an alarm system to warn you when the water reserves become low. With energy-saving feature, this one is highly recommended to you.


2.4L Portable Ice Maker with LED Display


Find the right portable ice maker machine for you and ensure you will always have plenty of ice at home, office or for any entertaining sites. After reading this review, you can browse our products comprehensively at Crazysales where offers an extensive selection of ice machines for sale.