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Last updated: 12th September 2017

Everything has a lifespan whether it’s people or things. Time eventually takes all. This is a fact but we don’t need to silently accept the inevitable. Proper maintenance and repairs will allow things we love last longer.


We either do some minor repairs or call someone for serious issues. This buying guide will talk about some minor repairs you can do with the right tools. The right tool for the right job, which means we need to use the proper tools to make the proper repairs.


I will discuss below simple repairs you can make at home.


Restore your home’s worn out walls with a fresh coat of paint.


The paint itself fades or cracks over time. We need to add a fresh coat every now and then to maintain the wall. There are many areas where we might need to paint, but might not be able to reach some of the higher areas without help.


Some areas that need painting might be too high to reach. Using ladders may work but it’s not the safest course of action, as they can be wobble and not stable. A scaffold, however, would be a much better tool to reach high areas safely. Scaffolds can be locked in multiple places keeping it firm on the ground, and offering a bigger space to work at the same time.


Here is an example of a scaffolding we recommend.



Red Safety Scaffold & Work Platform


Make DIY work easy on your body and your wallet with this Safety Scaffold & Work Platform. The mobile work platform comes equipped with caster wheels ensuring stress-free movement and easy access to hard to get to areas. Tough, reliable and easy to use, the scaffolding is ideal for multiple tasks from hedge trimming and garden work to interior and exterior decorating. Home improvement has never been easier! Create a safe, stable working area in a matter of minutes with the pin loaded locking system. The self-standing platform is constructed from heavy duty steel with a red-coated finish to prevent rusting. Versatile with lockable wheels, this safety scaffold is a DIY handyman's dream equipment.

*Note Maximum weight capacity of 450kgs. For HOME USE ONLY.



This scaffolding is stable and holds my painting supplies and my weight. Thanks to this device, I am able to reach higher areas with ease for a quality painting job. There are 8 safety locking mechanisms for my safety and peace of mind. I feel at ease and relaxed when using this scaffolding. Home repairs are actually easier to do now. 


Easily replace the worn out drywall in your home. 

Through the years our walls become old or develop mold. When this happens we need to replace our drywalls. There are plenty types of drywalls to satisfy your needs and preferences. You can choose between drywalls that are soundproof or moisture resistant and etc. The many choices in drywall may seem daunting but with research they become manageable.  


Installing drywall itself is not easy especially on top. Using a ladder is inadequate, you may fall or break the drywall. You need a Drywall Panel Lifter to help you out. This Drywall Panel Lifter will raise your drywall allowing you to screw them easily.


Check the Drywall Panel Lifter sample below.



Shogun 11ft-65KG Drywall Panel Lifter Plaster Board Lift


The Shogun 11ft-65KG Drywall Panel Lift makes home improvements, buildings, and renovations easy. With a reach of 3.35 meters into the air and a maximum capacity of 65 KGS, this panel hoist is perfect for one person to operate and turns the toughest jobs into simple tasks. This lift is tough, durable and easy to use. Featuring a stable tripod wheel design and caster wheels for mobility, this lift allows you to install panels on ceilings from whichever angle or horizontally. This is essential equipment for your next DIY project.



This lifter works really well and raises up the drywall with no issues. It is easy to assemble and works like a charm. The price is great and the value is unquestionable. Delivery and staff are efficient and courteous. I got my purchase within a week. Remodeling my house has never been easier with this drywall lifter.



It’s always satisfying to do something yourself. There are a few home improvements and repairs you can do on your own. Doing things yourself also saves you money. Making repairs and improvements is great but you need the proper tools. Working with the proper tools will allow you to do the job properly, preventing frustration and injury.


If you have any work need to be done in your home, visit our construction tools category and find what you need. If you are having trouble to do so, feel free to talk to our friendly customer service agents for help.