Electric Winch, Trailer Winch & Boat Winch Buying Guide | Electric Boat Winch Reviews

By CrazySales.com.au

Last updated: 7th September 2017

Have you ever gotten your car wheel stuck in the mud or anywhere else? If you have you know how frustrating it can be, calling a tow company or emergency service can be stressful. An Electric Winch however, will make these problems have DIY solutions.    

An Electric Winch will allow you to pull out most vehicles from ditches or mud. So you can rest at ease as you drive through different places. 

Before we dive into the products let’s start with a buyer’s guide to help you make informed decisions on what to purchase. 

Buyer’s Guide


Deciding on the motors for an Electric Winch


There are two basic types of Electric Winch Motors, the SW, Series Wound or PM Permanent Magnet. These two types have their strengths and weaknesses. For frequent users, they should buy the Series Wound Motor, because it works consistently for heavy duty jobs in all kinds of weather. Permanent Magnet Motors are usually found in light duty and cheaper models of Electric Winches. These are for light use only and produce less power in frigid weather.         

I will now mix and match the Winch Application to the proper motor type and use. Please be careful when using Electric Winches for these kinds of labor, the wrong one may cause the Electric Winch to breakdown sooner. 


Winch types


Please take these things in consideration when buying an Electric Winch to avoid problems.

Below I will give you examples of an Electric Winch



Heavy Duty Electric ATV Winch with Remote Control - 2000LBS/907KG


This 2000lbs Heavy Duty Electric Winch has a powerful 2000lbs pulling power so you'll have plenty of pulling power. This electric winch is 12V DC powered for convenient use without the need for extension cords or small gas engines. With this powerful electric winch, you'll be able to pull your ATV out of the stickiest situations, over trees, logs or any obstacles in your path or lifting your ATV out of mud or holes.

This winch features a sturdy 12-meter steel cable capable of withstanding daily wear and use. Effortlessly winch your ATV out of any situation courtesy of the handle-bar toggle switch, so just relax and let the winch do all the work for you. Not only is this winch practical but it is also compact in its design, has a waterproof and corrosion resistant casing ensuring that it is always ready when needed and protected from the elements.

Electric ATV Winch with Remote Control - 2000LBS/907KG



This Electric Winch is built for the toughest jobs and made from the toughest material. Made of corrosion resistant and waterproof material, it can withstand the harsh Australian Climate. Using this device will be easy as it comes with a wireless remote control.

This Electric Winch can pull a lot of weight even in the worst weather conditions, like a storm or snow. Most people might think it unnecessary but you will never know when you might get stuck and need to pull a vehicle out, with no one there to help. I have it in my car all the time just in case of emergencies.           



Heavy Duty Electric Boat Winch - 3500LBS


This 3500lbs Heavy Duty Electric Boat Winch is great for boat trailers, this narrow winch can easily be mounted in place of your current hand winch. This impressive unit features a unique tri-point mounting plate, making your winch fully removable so it can be safely stored when not in use. The included back-up hand crank means you won't be caught out with a flat battery either and simply detaches when not required.
This 3500lbs Heavy Duty Electric Boat Winch was designed with size and quality in mind; its compact sealed waterproof & corrosion-resistant case ensures reliable 'ever-ready' performance, giving you the accurate pulling power you need for landing/launching your vessel.

Heavy Duty Electric Boat Winch - 3500LBS



This Electric Winch is more portable than most models, but don’t neglect its strength because it can be used for boat trailers and is sturdy enough to keep things in place. Regardless of climate this Winch will keep your property safe and secure. It features corrosion resistance and waterproof case for the use in the harsh environments of Australia.

A great purchase for the casual user as it is convenient and portable while holding things together.



Winches are used to move heavy objects out of the way, but are also used to get things like cars out of mud and ditches. They are versatile tools with a lot of potential use. Business operating and moving heavy objects will greatly benefit from a quality winch.

Civilian users will need this to help get their cars out of mud and ditches. With this in hand you no longer need to call the towing company for help most of the time. Do it yourself and save time and money. There are different types of wedges out there, please do a further research to pick what suits your needs.