Ice Cream Maker Review: Create All Flavours You Want in Summer


Last updated: 12th September 2017

A summer will never be perfect without freezing and soft ice cream, besides an Electric Fan. Kids and adults alike enjoy the taste of every icy desserts while sweating in the brutally hot days. Is there anything better than eating ice cream in summer? Yes! That’s not having to go to the store or supermarket to get it.


Making ice cream at home can not only treat your family with your special cooling recipes, but also can entertain your guests when the weather warms up. To achieve those, what you need is only an ice cream maker. Besides ice cream, the advanced technology at present has been able to make sorbet, yogurt, and gelato, showing you a flavorful cooling summer.


Why Make Ice Cream at Home?

When asked about this, many people may come with piles of answers. Firstly, in the perspective of economic budget, an ice cream maker is affordable for most families at the price within $100. Compared to spending $5 each time buying ice cream or yogurt, an ice cream mixer at $100 can make ice cream for all your family in the next year to come.


Besides cost-saving, a kitchen-aid ice cream maker allows you to invent desserts with different flavors. You can make desserts which are vegan, lactose-free, flavors of anything you like. You don’t have to be bothered by the “out of stock” flavor and the mixture flavor designs you don’t like of the store-bought ice cream.


Convenience is also an essential factor of investing a homemade ice cream machine. Our top ice cream makers all adopt one-button operation design, making you get delicious ice cream within an hour. At such sweaty days, you’ll never want to go to the store to buy ice cream with the heat along the way.


How to Choose an Ice Cream Maker?

Quick and Smooth Operation

Some other more traditional models use ice and rock salt to chill your liquid ingredient, and you have to churn the mixture by hand. Unlike those complicated and effort-costing methods, our ice cream makers are all equipped with a bowl and one-button design. They all make ice cream quick and conveniently. Adjust the “ON” and “OFF” button and wait for 15-60 minutes, then you can get creamy and sweet ice cream ready to serve any time.


Pre-Freezing and Easy-Clean-Up

Most of the freezing-bowl type ice cream makers need some preparation before making ice cream. Like our MAXKON 1.45L Electronic Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Gelato and Sorbet Maker, it isn't equipped with the freezing function, so you have to freeze your mixture ingredient before pouring them into the ice cream maker. If you think pre-freezing is messy, you can choose our another more tech-advanced ice cream making unit with chilling function on itself, Instant Ice Cream Maker & Built In Compressor. You don’t need to put the ingredient into a freezer, just press the “chilling” button and set the time instead. Think about how long you need to make ice cream including the preparation and the freezing time. If you need to make ice cream often, we’d like to recommend you the unit with chilling function.


After a delicious bowl of ice cream, you still have to face the clean-up job of the appliance. If the cleaning takes up too much time, the machine isn’t worth for you. Our ice cream makers are easily cleaned and assemble. Instant Ice Cream Maker & Built-in Compressor adopts removable paddle and a removable bowl, simplifying the clean-up after tasting the gorgeous ice cream. The MAXKON unit, whose inner bowl is made of non-stick aluminum lining, relieving you from the worries about the stains leaving on the surface of the bowl.


Other Features

The MAXKON 1.45L Electronic Ice Cream Maker and the Instant Ice Cream Maker & Built-in Compressor both have transparent lid for checking the making process any time. It’s pretty fun to watch the mixture turning into creamy ice cream.


The Instant Ice Cream Maker & Built-in Compressor has LED light display for convenient operation at night. If you want some ice cream after dinner, the LED light can help you make ice cream smoothly.


Instant Ice Cream Maker

What Are You Paying for?

After knowing about all the main features of our electric ice cream makers, next you need to consider which feature you like most and you want to pay for. All the products can make ice cream, sorbet and gelato, but which unit weights lighter? Which ice cream maker has a timer for time setting? Not all features matter equally to you, so you only need to consider those which matter firstly. If you can’t spare more space for a complicated ice cream machine, then choose a portable one easier to store. Finally, those models coming with instruction manual and recipes are the best choice for the ice cream green hands. Our two types of units are both suitable for good portability and instruction bonus. Just select one for your summer with various cooling flavors!